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Geeking is a mobile community where people can chat, roleplay, fandom storytell, share fan fiction, have text adventures and much more! Get the app for iPhone (Android coming soon) and start geeking out. Make great friends and have fun with people who like what you like.

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  1. naemakira Follow/add my bff on- Instagram(main): ember_kogane Instagram(secondary): embers_obsessions Instagram(challenges/goals): emberschallenges Kik(main): prinsesspearly Kik(secondary): kevinzayyyy Geeking: KittyCatKitsu Discord: KittyCatKitsu#2006 Wattpad(main): Melanielavenderrose Wattpad(secondary): pearl_y Follow + like + COMMENT on her stuff, itd make her really happy and shed stop bugging me about it Or follow/add me on Instagram: naemakira

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