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Marvel RP/ships 1x1

I RP advanced lit, generally main Natasha Romanoff but I can try my hand at a few more characters as well. I prefer to RP with canon characters, but…

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Discord server

Looking for a place where you can chat and roleplay on Discord? Well look no more, Space club offers that and more! ๐Ÿ’ ๐Ÿ’ฎ…

  1. sempiternal https://discord.gg/VVPzEZm

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High school Slice of life

A typical high school/slice of life role-play in a small city consisting of the basic needs of any high school students

  1. snoweadian Name: Sterling/Daniela Gray Age: 15years old Gender: Gender Fluid Sexuality: Straight kind of ~~ Description:Sterling is skinny but you would never know because if their out of the house they wear a black jacket and scarf, they have long dark brown hair and gray eyes that look blue when itโ€™s stormy outside Height:6.1~~ Relationship status:Single ~~ Personality: Sterling is a bit of a loner they tends to keep Their headphones in and their scarf over their mouth Likes: Cat,Cuddles,Music, The Sun & Warmth Mom:dead Dad:unknown Siblings:None Theme Song:Flawed design

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Kind Group

Welcome to the Kind Group in this group you need to be nice and respect others. If you start fights or call someone stupid you will get a warning if…

  1. lonelygirl Okay be safe

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