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Join my adoption center on Discord.


  1. theegyptianresort Hello. Interested in joining an adoption center? We accept all of the following roles: *Slaves *Littles *Servants *Children *Pets *Caregivers *Owners *Masters/Mistresses *Parents This is a very organized room on Discord. We do not tolerate anyone coming in to harm anyone within our rooms in any way, even as a joke. Please do not join to be a "Robin Hood" (Someone who comes in to "save the day".) If interested, here is the link: https://discord.gg/rNCrReF

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High school

"High school" A teen drama where you control you character. …

  1. its__me Name:Tessa Anderson. Nicknames: Tess and T Age:15 Personality: nice, clumsy and caring.

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