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Horror stories

  1. darklee8gates rock_lee_gam30v3r The Cannibalistic Bar I wasn't sure of it at first I mean if you'd ever been told something like this you'd laugh at the person and say there crazy look i can't show you proof hell, talking about it is going to get me found if I'm not careful, listen I hear things in that meat locker don't worry about I've been told to ignore it, it's nothing, the owners don't like being asked about it.........let me calm down here and start from the beginning. I started a job in this Bar with an odd but attracting name called The Hito-gui Bar no idea what in the world it meant but it was popular enough to give the opposite bar across a run for its money during the interview at April 4th 2018,((very important to know)) everything went smoothly and nothing seemed odd but then the orientation took place. The date was April 7th 2018, ((also very important to know)) and that went normal as well but something a bit off putting was said you are to not go Into the meat locker under ANY circumstances even if you hear anything coming from it US the owners are only allowed into it. They said if you hear muffled screams ignore it this Bar is horror themed after all. So with that in mind don't ever go near it we like our secrets to remain that secrets now you start next week the 14th of April alright David? ((That's me)) with a simple nod I smile being my first job I was ready,exactly nervous everything, but ready for sure. Since I had to wait for the 14th nothing done could keep me from being happy to mark down the days till i start my job. After a good weekend and week it's finally here, I walk into the bar and enter my key code at at the start of my shift and started up the dishes, stacking them up and unloading was a bit taxing but my shift went on normal. I did the dishes throughout the 5 hours of me being there and had some time left. I had to clean up my work station with the lighting being red, I hadn't noticed nothing unusual about everything the only place the lighting is normal is in the bathroom witch I had to clean as well during the cleaning process. I couldn't help but see red dots everywhere I'd been in the lighting too long, but I didn't let it bother me, I just figured I'd ask if I could wear eye protectors because I did drop a few dishes due to not being able to see them properly, after cleaning I get told straight out to just go home by my shift manager Jared ((cool guy and my favorite person to work with so far)) and that I did great so without thinking to ask about the eye protectors I left. On my walk home it took a few minutes for my eyes to adjust to the night life of the city. I walked by a window and see myself covered in red that looked like blood I jumped as a few people who where just walking by said I was a crackhead could they not see it? I start panicking and ran racing home as quickly as I could which still took 6 minutes breathing heavily I ask my wife if she saw anything on my clothes that was odd she said no but I looked in the mirror and saw the same thing. I quickly take off my clothes and throw them into the wash and she reassured me there was nothing on my clothes and it could have been the lighting still and in your head plus with the horror theme it's not like your mind wouldn't wonder she says with a smile, Shelley she always knows what to say so after a bit and a really well needed shower I still see some red on my hands and it slightly bothers me but ignore it. After coming out of the bathroom and finding Shelle

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