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According to homeland security. Antifa is an official communist group. Get the helicopters!

  1. dominatrix_298 There are 365.25 days in a year. Each day consists of 24 hours. Each hour consists of 60 minutes. The amount of minutes in a year is 365.25 x 24 x 60 = 525960. The Holocaust was from 1941 to 1945 which is a span of 4 years. 525,960 x 4 = 2,103,840 minutes in those 4 years. Now its stated in the history books that the Holocaust had at least 6 million victims who were distinctly Jewish, and up to 14 million victims in total. So how many individuals were killed per minute in the Holocaust alone, and not the war? That would be at least 6,000,000/2,103,840 = 2.85192790326. Lets say about 2-3 people per minute, assuming this is going 24/7 nonstop. Do you remember the Ugandan genocide? People kept talking about how terrible it was to be at home and hear screams outside your door, not knowing if they would come for you next. The Ugandan genocide lasted a month, or 43200 minutes, and claimed about 100,000 lives. That's 100,000/43,200 = 2.31481481481 victims per minutes, a little less than the rate that we have with the Holocaust, over the span of a month. Now, anybody can go on a killing spree, and get away say 100 murders (which is rare). But once the word gets out that there is a madman going around town trapping/killing people.. people will begin to respond appropriately, law enforcement will show up at the scene, preventative measures will be initiate. The will world react to the violence. Its safe to say that the RATE of killing per minute goes down to near 0 rapidly. So my honest question is this. How could anybody maintain the rate of killing to 2-3 individuals per minute, 24/7, for 4 years?

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