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  1. Posted by trxye_caspian ,

    Mine starts in two days

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  3. Posted by klouds ,

    hey guys!! I'm needing some advice more than ever, schools next Thursday and imma be a freshie😭😭😭

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  5. Posted by erenthetitan_ ,

    Yes I am I am!!!!! I'm going into 9th grade....

  6. Posted by kirtianumi ,

    Ethan get your but outta here your not going into high school

  7. Posted by erenthetitan_ ,

    Wow this is weird wow...

  8. Posted by kirtianumi ,

    If anyone has questions feel free to ask me, including if they don't get a supplies list I have 2 different kinds one for A day B day types and one for the normal set up, my school doesn't hand them out to students so I've made my own there's also a few optional things that I found really helps, feel free to message me anytime

  9. Posted by kirtianumi ,

    He's right I'm going into my senior year next year and I've done a few honors classes it really helps

  10. Posted by floormat_trashlilly ,

    Oh and try to take at least one honors class in your best subject, because it boosts your gpa out of the roof

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