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  1. Posted by kirtianumi ,

    He's right I'm going into my senior year next year and I've done a few honors classes it really helps

  2. Posted by trash_lilly ,

    Oh and try to take at least one honors class in your best subject, because it boosts your gpa out of the roof

  3. Posted by trash_lilly ,

    But again just keep in mind that you're done with high school in four years and thats a big achievement

  4. Posted by trash_lilly ,

    Highschool generally is pretty easy, i'm a senior so i'm just really glad to almost be done, biggest tip i can give you is just keep graduating your end goal, its gonna suck at times, try to enjoy it, and don't stress out, everything will eventually sort itself out, also your junior year will probably be your hardest, senior year will be the most stressful because college, just keep a level head and don't be what upperclassmen call "those freshmen" i know its exciting but just chillax and use common sense, and for the love of all that is holy, don't date upperclassmen, or do, not my choice, but trust me on that one

  5. Posted by klouds ,

    I'm going into highschool in like two months, and I'm petrified.

  6. Posted by klouds ,

    but anyone who needs it.

  7. Posted by klouds ,

    pretty much me.

  8. Posted by klouds ,

    just anyone

  9. Posted by trash_lilly ,

    Are we giving you tips? Or other people tips?

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