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Kami High School Bio Room

  1. bio234 Name:vincint vaga Age: n/a Gender:m Species:vice demon Power/Sacred Gear: can get others addicted to items of vice,turn into a cloud of smoke And ash. Can pull anycard out of thin air, supper speed and dexterity., demonic magic Gear, cursed cards,(thay can never be dammeged or torn. And if used properly can be used as a throwing wepon Infernal llighter. A Zippo type lighter that is fueled with the flames of hell its self. Clothing:old worn suit that smells of boozs and cigerat smoke. On his shoulders is a constant layer of ash Likes: smoking,gambling, dinking,slacking off Dislikes:goddie to shoes, cops,teachers Personality Traits:care free, relaxed. Background "find out threw rp

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High School Love

  1. mrlonerboy Hi everyone, welcome to High School Love. Anyone that joins is welcome to have a starter. Anything is allowed as long as the person you are role-playing with, agrees with you. If you have any questions, my messages will be open. If you want to just roleplay with me? My messages are open. Have a great day!

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