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Supernatural High School RP everyone is welcome just have a bio and pic ready 😊 yes dating is aloud

  1. lanni Name Alexandra szabo liska Nickname alex Age 13 Height 9'8 Hair colour brown Species Demon Powers Shadowport Shapeshift Size manipulation Turns into demon ghost at Night Quotes "Brad you slag!" "Nahh fucking move listen u called me a bitch started getting cocky with me then u said u regret it and all that but then u started arguing again with me again then u said u regret it now u bringing up boys and shit u little cocky fucker u have no fucking idea wtf has happened between me and her so now move the fuck away from me just get out of my life u lesbian shit and dont ever ever talk to my sister see u type again like one more time girl im gonna block u and before u say shit i aint homophobic or soma my best mate is bisexual and i love her as a sister but like ur just disgusting ur a fucking embarrassment you like u say to people aww shut up im gonna sit on your face u draw dicks and all that are u like not embarrassed about urself u have a bf and all that and ur only in yr8 when i was u and i wouldve done the things u do i would be so embarrassed and u should be. Ur just disgusting with ur attitude and everything. Now move out of my life were gonna sort this out when i see u next time trust and if u wanna talk to me then ask if u could N btw u have no idea how much u just hurt me by saying stuff about Tyler!!! We was perfect till some slags didnt ruin it. So dont ever think im gonna forgive u this." "You shagg everyone you slag!" Catchfrase Slag Alex was cheated on 3 times she became depressed and found a new person❤❤ At the age of 13 she could master her powers defeat evil and get on with her life 💖Personality💖 •Kind/sweet •Nerdy •Gets flustered and sacred easily •Can be outgoing and a flirt •Shy when you first meet her 💋Turn ons💋 •Teasing •Thigh rubbing •French kissing •Neck kiss •Love bites 🚫Turn offs🚫 •Body waste exchange •Foot fetishes

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