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Harry Potter RP BIO ROOM (Send bios to admin for approval first)

  1. thelight_eternal Thanks!)) @salontro Name: Kenneth Harrison Gender: Male Age: 17 Sexuality: Straight House: Gryffindor Year: 7 Personality: Intelligent, and witty. Takes a lot of time to study each subject, but falls short in Herbology (which he hates severely). Kenneth has a good and courageous caring heart, but around his friends you wouldn't be able to tell. His sarcasm around them is often misunderstood as malice. Because his parents are muggle-born, Kenneth has disciplined himself to be proficient at magic. His favorite subject is Transfiguration, and he hopes to become the professor after McGonagall. Background: Kenneth is muggle-born, so when the war officially started he rushed them away to Asia via muggle transportation, but did NOT modify their memories. That is where they remain. Accomplished at Apparition and Transfiguration. Wand: Oak and Unicorn Hair, 12.5 inch

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