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Labyrinth "The goblin King" roleplays

  1. Clownbitch The Labryinth Jerith "The goblin king"/humanized!Hoggle Or jerith/trans+drag king!Sarah After princess Sarah escapes, Jarith decides to take his minion Hoggle with him into the real word to snatch someone better and more willing to be his bride. The king is fascinated with this new world, discovering men are more appealing to his nature, and decides to go to a gay club to search for a man fitting to be his prince. There he meets a man whom he is madly infatuated with..though he doesn't recognize it, the man is actually his long lost and forgotten princess Sarah. Hoggle getting jealous, and concerned for Sarah's saftety, is worried the king may find out eventually who he is and go back to his evil ways, tries to break off the relationship at all costs. ((This is a love triangle and it can go either way, though in this Sarah is a female who dresses like a male, so obviously we may need a more masculine name then Sarah.))

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