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Anyone want to do a zombie or fantasy roleplay on Klk?

  1. thegreatest There has been an infection that has wiped out 80% of the population. The thing is, the infected didn't stay dead their bodies were reanimated with nothing on their mind, but to eat human flesh. There a few still alive that have managed to live by gathering resources and supplies. We have control of a fortified building and have a good amount of food, ammo, medical support, and weapons; but getting more is always a plus. Do you have what it takes to survive and join us? Message me for rules. +18 please

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Fantasy Roleplay

  1. rpdemon 1)you play a dark elf (you can a diffrent race) exiled from a high elf city for theft you did not commit and as your kind if looked down upon in the city you are trown in a forest where no animal or plant grow other then trees and grass and you are forced to wander hungry left to starve as punishment but when you reach deaths door you meet a mage who helps you

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