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1 ON 1 Roleplay || Medieval, Fantasy, Romance, and Fandom. Literally just need a literate partner.

  1. pyrogirl Would anyone like to do a Harry Potter based Rp with me? It would be set just after voldemort's defeat. Hogwarts has been rebuilt and offers a once only 8th year to students that wanted to repeat their final year. Be warned, this would be a Dramione Rp (Draco x Hermione) I would prefer to be Hermione but MAY play as Draco if you can convince me. If you want to do a different Rp, I have ideas in my bio. Please read all my bio either way as it has information in there that may come in handy and will answer some of your questions and also explains why there is blue and red hearts next to some of my Rp ideas

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