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Fallout rp set between fallout 1 & 2 (bio room)

  1. alpha_mist Faction name: The Confederacy of New Texas Size of faction: 5,000 active soldiers Faction territory: Most of North Texas and the South East coast line Technological power: Not much use of Robotics or laser/plasma weaponry, but use of a advanced strain of FEV allow for addition of Deathclaws and Mutants to their ranks Government or militia: The Council controls all Government functions and are elected for life or until the fellow members evict them Brief explanation of faction rank structure: The Members of The Council control all, each member promotes or demotes positions within their jurisdiction as they seem fit Branches of faction: The Council: Head Merchant, Lead Ambassador, SpyMaster, The General, Police Chief explanation of faction ideals: The Confederacy believes in the idea of the Individual, Creativity, and the benevolent state and will defend and spread it as much as they can

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