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Fairy tail ro bio room

  1. D_20 Name: Simone Surname: Sautelavie Age:19 Magic type: song magic Hair colour: black Eye colour: light blue Skills: fast, agile, good singer, brave, sympathetic, always positive Flaws: she follows her heart, not her brain; not a good cook; not good at close combat Backstory: she grew up in a circus, where she worked as a jester for many years. There, she knew a boy, who secretly taught her the song magic. When she was 18, she ran away from that place with that boy, but they've been catched by some mercenaries sent by the circus' master to bring them back. She managed to escape, but she lost her best friend (or maybe more...). She arrived in the town of Magnolia, where she worked as a street artist until a short man with some strange mustache found her and he offered her a new home: Fairy tail. Some common spells: *The night bat: a very high note that stun her enemies *the warriors march: an up-tempo song that gives to her allies more strenght and speed. *Archangel's words: a spell used to heal small wounds *The bastion of soul: a continuous low note that create a barrier around her allies. P.s.: her spells works only if the target can hear them

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Fairy tail: forgotten world bio room

  1. gale08 ||General Information|| •Quote: "" •Full Name: Morgvana Marv •Nickname: doesn't have one •Age: 17 •Gender: female •Race: human •Star sign: Virgo •Role she wants to be a part of a team ||Appearance|| •Height:5'3 •Weight:98 •Hair Color: black •Eye color: light blue •Upper body and Lower body: ||Mental Information|| •Personality: shy, awkward, quite •Likes: books, tea, music ° •Dislikes ° bugs •Phobias: bugs, being buried alive, holes in the skin •Mental state: she's depressed but trys to hide it ||Combat Traits and Equipment|| •Equipment: she has 2 green gate jets her mother made her. One summons a healer spirt and the other summons a damage spirt. Each can help buff team members. ° •Fighting style: prefers to stay in the back •Statistics: 4/6 °Physical power: shes physically weaker then the normal people, but a little faster then normal °Magical power: she can summon 2 small celestial spirits. And can summon vines and flower. °Agility: 7 °Flexibility:4 °Defense:5 °Stamina:6 °Dexterity:5 °Reaction time:4 °Body Control:4 °Pain tolerance:5 °Magical defense:4 ||Powers/Abilities|| Her spirits can buff people and heal a little. Her vines can be used for shielding and blocking. Her flowers can be used as walls and blocks. As well as heal a little. || 's Bio || || || her mother is in a guild and away most of the time. Her father raised her mostly. Taught her to respect the wild and wild would respect her. Her father taught her support spells. While her mother, who owned gate keys, asked one to help make gate keys for her daughter. They lived in the forest. After a few years her mother went on a mission and never came back. A few months after that her father feel into a deep depression and ended up missing himself. She looks for a guild to call home. So she doesn't have to be alone after 2 years on her own.

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