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Innocent small elf looking for a master or mistress (plz dm me

  1. alexaldal It was not quite a lovable night when Mr. Korchnoi decided to adopt a Neko, so was not the stigma attached to them in the setting where he intended to acquire his pristine new, plush-like creature. He had pondered on it for a long time and settled for such decision so that he could indulge in cooking superior French cuisine to her, he really liked the idea of a female neko savoring the luscious aliments he would prepare for her, rather than a "wife" immersed in kitchen chores. He had to resort to such recourse in an attempt to prove that such creatures also deserve fraternal attention and love. But, how would he decide for the apposite Neko?, he, certainly had to caress her with his outstanding dexterous hands to see if he, and she, had a connection. (If interested pm me)

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