59 Messages  |  19 PEOPLEdirty roleplay. find someone and take it to the dm's! 🤙🏼

  1. Posted by Rippenjay ,

    Sike, I look for people they don't look for me 😜

  2. Posted by Rippenjay ,

    I can do any. #male

  3. Posted by truby ,


  4. Posted by truby ,

    @heyopeeps101 I can do i

  5. Posted by truby ,

    I can do a lesbian one

  6. Posted by estravan ,

    Semi lit just means semi literate. It basically means you can give more than two word responses and can form a sentence lol

  7. Posted by heyopeeps101 ,

    Any girls for lesbian rp

  8. Posted by teddamoose_16 ,

    Does anyone want to rp

  9. Posted by truby ,

    What is semi lit

  10. Posted by truby ,


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