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Dc rp bio room

  1. wanda_bombshell Name: Emily Allen Age: 24 Daughter of Barry Allen and Iris West Appearance: Hair style: Short and straight Hair colour: Blue Eyes: Blue Height: 5'4 Tattoos: A clock on her lower back Scars: None Birthmark: On her stomach Suit details: Suit colours: Red as a primary and blue as the secondary Suit material: Nano technology Suit features: On-board A.I, tactical read outs, speedometer, coolant systems. Background: Gender: Female Sexuality: Lesbian D.O.B: 21/5/2099 Hometown: Central City Nicknames: Speedbrain, Streak, Blue blur and Kid Flash. Backstory: Emily was born a natural speedster, she was raised mostly by her mother as her father was off being a hero for central city, that is, until she learned about her speedster capabilities. She began her training under the wing of stars like Wally West, Barry Allen (her father), Jay Garrick and Jessie Quick. After a few years, she began her career as a sidekick alongside Wally West, they bonded as he taught her the more spiritual side of the speed force while Barry taught her the science behind it. However, her life would change when a Speedster by the name of "Nightmare" appeared, he wasn't your average speedster villain however, he believed that all timelines and earths should be free of speedsters. And so, Barry and Emily both made the decision to send Emily back in time, to a point where a new generation of Heroes rise, but there is still a deep presence...lurking within the Speed force...waiting to be unleashed. Theme song: Youth by Daughter

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We Could Be Legends (DC Next Gen OOC Chat and Bio Room)

  1. unh0ly Weakness Kryptonite: Kryptonite is a very common weakness of his. Kryptonite itself can change Vincent in many ways, it could cause him to split into a red and blue version of himself. Cause him to become gay. Have a evil clone of himself. And weaken his powers completely. Red sun energy: red sun energy makes him like a basic normal human being. This can cause problems for him when fighting against the smarter opponent. However he doesn't know what other Stars besides yellow and blue and red would do to him. And magic because magical shit fucks everything up.

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