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Original guild back by request... 💜[ATTENTION] 💜 Evermore well be conducting an app wide tournament, all users of geeking with an interest in roleplay fighting are welcome to join, please DM @Disney for details. Guild Master : Disney, MegaJayJay "Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, all is forever transformed..." They had let the wild take it, plump green leaves and vines twirled through the cracks as if Mother Earth was reaching into the rustic structure grasping it into her hands and holding it firmly to the ground. This is the Evermore Guild…a place of enchantment, great magic and family, located upon a quiet mountain, surrounded with thick woods and hotsprings. The beginning of this humble estate starts with friendship. Long ago before the days of guild magic there were three beings who found themselves in a whimsical spring. Many days were spent developing friendship amongst the trio that would last a lifetime and beyond. Anneliese, Koharu and Momo began to feel themselves changing and becoming more powerful as they learned and developed enticing gifts. Perhaps it was the water of the springs that held the magic, or their own gifts that altered the very aura. Either way, they knew this was a place that would need to be shared with the world. A place to welcome all beings, to use magic for the greater good…a place of heroism and peace. Thus, they began a guild, offering an array of quests, missions, tournaments and training for any who journey here and most importantly, a place of friendship and family, a league of magic. It is said the waters of Evermore well never cease…it is said by simply being a part of the ambience that lingers throughout the guild one gains the gift to become...Evermore. Evermore Guild Rules 1. No God mode or over powering characters. If you do not understand ask for an explanation. 2. A bio and picture are necessary to join. ( Please post this within the Oc List Chat) 3. You must hit the third line for every post; one lining is unacceptable. We do highly promote literacy within our guild. 4. There is another chat for side chat; Do not side chat within the guild. 5. Respect is expected OOC. 6. All fighting shall only occur in an Arena or a during missions and raids. 7. Missions are not fixed; they are on a TBD schedule. 8. You are allowed two OC's per person. 9. Direct mission, arc and any other suggestions to the GMs we promote creativity and a fairly open minded. 10. We are not a theatre, do not cause drama if there is an issue please bring it into DM. 11. Do not advertise in our guild. 12. Keep healing magic to a minimum in a match. 13. Seeing as we are a Semi-Lit to Literate guild we expect proper grammar and spelling. [General Information] If you are new to guilds and the geeking community allow Evermore to offer you a warm welcome. :) A guild is an on going long term roleplay where users of the app can create a story unique to them with the help of fellow guild members. Welcome to the family. Submit a bio of your character containing information you feel is relevant, once this is approved by a leader you are welcome to roleplay freely in the guild and hey! We even have a side chat to ensue goofy conversations out of character and chat with fellow Geeks, enjoy! Once you begin roleplay in Evermore your character well be approached by an ambassador or guild master and marked with a jewel or stone embedded into the wrist that represents you as a member. This in unique to your character, so how it appears is entirely up to your own imagination. Evermore welcomes a variety of writers and encourages it's members to improve in literacy, this is not only beneficial as a roleplayer but also transfers over into the real world, just ask our older members. :) There are two aspects to the guild organization that inspire such achievement, a hierarchy and ranking system. A members position in the hierarchy and ranking system are two separate entities, members must choose to be classified by both the hierarchy and ranking system or choose one they feel is best suited to their character. [ Please specify which you would like to fall under in your bio or both. ] The ranking system strictly relates to roleplay sparring. Evermore adheres to T1 standard, though gaining a high rank within the guild is challenging the reward of a member working their way to the top is vastly rewarding. We are here to help the users of geeking improve. However, for members who are strictly story driven the hierarchy comes into play. This is built around roleplay activity, interacting with other members, assisting new members, working as a friendly fellow guild mate and practicing proper literacy. It is about your contribution to the guild in and out of character. Even if you are not used to paragraph roleplay Evermore again, is here to help you improve if you so desire. We are an open guild to the community of geeking and accept members regardless of literacy skill, we only ask that you uphold three full sentences per post. By working up in the hierarchy and ranking system positions this opens members to moving up into established leader positions. There are three guild masters of Evermore and several ambassadors that create a council along with some long term loyal members. If council members cannot fulfill their duty they are subject to being removed and their position is filled by another member. || Evermore Hierarchy || Apprentice - Welcome to Evermore, we do hope you have received a warm welcome. This is the beginning of moving up the hierarchy, a period of trail and observation. Scholar - An individual that is interested in pursuing knowledge in both the magic and general roleplay. This constitutes but is not limited to things such as: improved roleplay and basic knowledge of guilds themselves. Commissioner - This individual has the right to collaborate with other guilds and or just Evermore to plan events. It could be as simple as a gathering to something as intricate as a tournament. The more intricate events will often be started by the guild leadership and the commissioner's duty is to assist and guide them until the end. Connoisseur - The most established position in the hierarchy this is gained through time, literate effort and loyalty to the guild. They also gain self made titles and are respected as such. A Connoisseur is capable of potentially joining Evermore's private council and has influence throughout the guild and decisions made. Connoisseur's are also considered for further Ambassador positions which allows them to have rights as an admin over all chats. || Evermore Ranks || This is strictly related to roleplay sparing skill, it is not required to be ranked in Evermore. Evermore Guild Ranking Tier: Guild Masters: Disney, Megajayjay Commander - The commander often also classified as an ambassador and member of the Evermore council with holds the ability to create missions, host tournaments, draft new rules for vote, and is responsible for closely monitoring all members of the guild in correspondence too roleplay sparring. The commander is vital too ranking members properly and must have extensive knowledge of T1 roleplay. Their duty is also to protect the guild during raids, organize inner guild raids in and out of character and advise members on moving higher up the ranks. S Rank- The highest and most prestigious of the letter tiers. They are pure strength, with hold vast intelligence, and loyalty devoted to Evermore's growth. An S rank cannot be achieved through a basic ranking match they must participate in a tournament or challenging mission. A Rank - These members are often thought of as some of the strongest fighters of Evermore, they have executed successful matches and have shown great knowledge of T1 fighting. B Rank - The average rank of most guilds, obtaining a B rank for Evermore isn't something to turn a blind eye too. These members are the up and comers, learning, fighting, and growing with every passing day. They often classify as T2 fighters. C Rank - Considered a great starting point for most members, the C Rank guild members require some slight help and more devoted time. D Rank - The lowest of Evermore's ranking system, however it does not mean you are beyond advancement. D Ranks may require slightly more help than others, often training with a specific master, but they will grow with time and encouragement. NOTE: Please do not beg for a ranking match, find a fellow member to spar, create a private chat and tag a Guild Master. Ranking Protocol and Intricacies: Disclaimer: Evermore guild does not and will not abide by other guild rankings. We respect them as their own, but they have no reflection on ours. Rankings will be determined by multiple things, all of which are vastly important. Literacy - This includes but is not limited to your ability to use detail to portray your attack in a well literary fashion. However, literacy does not mean length of post entirely, but instead flow and description, and will be rated as such. Execution of Magic - This does not mean power, anyone can have an amazing power, not use it correctly and still win. This involves the use of your magic, using it as it should be used, correctly. This can also be directly linked to the last point. Creativity - Also linked hand in hand with execution of magic, creativity is about making the "not your everyday moves". Anyone can type the same starter and always enter with it, use the same three moves, and win with a good power. This is about thinking on your toes and being unique. Your magical abilities and power will have minimal effect on your ranking within Evermore. As previously stated, anyone can grab the most powerful magic, write it down, and use it. It will be taken into consideration, but will not tilt your rank in one direction or the other by itself. Evermore's rankings will often start lower than other guilds, this gives a purpose to climb the ranks. Use this to enjoy your time here, use this to climb the rankings, use this too better yourself a roleplay fighter. Evermore is a peaceful and neutral guild, we accept alliances with almost all guilds and groups. We aim to bring the community of Geeking together. However, if Evermore is attacked this must be approved by a GM prior to the engagement and established defenses are set in place, please do not disregard these. || Evermore Guild Defenses || Coming soon...

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