Beginners lounge.

— Rules. Keep the chat friendly ; no fighting. No bio requirements, this is not a roleplay chat. It's a chat mainly made to help the new Geeklings get accustomed to the community. However, that does not mean that casual roleplay upon occasion is not at all permitted. Respect everyone if you want to be respected. LGBTQ+ Friendly. "All men are created equal", they say, so let's keep it that way. Regardless of one's gender and sexuality, everyone MUST be treated kindly ( unless they've done something that deems them unworthy ). Advertisements are accepted as long as they are not spammed and they are relevant to the community. Spam is not tolerated in here. You will be banned WITHOUT warning. Memes are not allowed inside the chat. They aren't necessary. Much like spam, the only thing they'd do is hide posts by new Geeklings. Please DO NOT post anything inappropriate. Failure of following this rule results in a warning or a ban, depending on what had been posted. NSFW is not allowed in Geeking public chats as per Geeking TOS.

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