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seeking active detailed roleplayers for black butler rp

  1. luka_awinita luka_chiyoko_gam30v3r We need people who can write 3 lines and up for an active black butler rp you can share main characters -Need mcs from all seasons- Ciel phantomhive (marked human)- @jeager_bomb15 Sebastian (demon)- @the_mad_queen_2343 Mey-Rin (human maid)- me- ish Pluto (were-mutt)- me- ish Grell sutchliff (reaper)- @Oliva_335 (she agreed to make it a shared character) William T. spears (reaper)- Ronald knox (reaper)- Bard (human cook)- me- ish Finnian (human gardener) - Tanaka (human)- Snake/Suneeku (snake charmer)- Madam red (human)- Hannah (demon slave)- Angela (angel)- Ash landers (angel)- Ranmáo and Lánmáo (human)- Prince Soma (human)- Agni (human with abilities/prince somas butler)- @khansama__ Elizabeth (human)- Chlaus (aristocrat/human)- Alois (marked human)- @sulli Aliester (man of power) - @sulli Diederich- Undertaker (reaper)- Beast (tiger tamer/circus performer) Dagger (circus performer)- Doll (aerial ballet circus performer)- Claude (demon) Joker (surrogate circus ringmaster)- Drossel keinz (the puppeteer)- Etc.

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