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In search of a black butler rp partner (must play cannon and be oc friendly)

  1. animeangel2020 Sure. Dm me who from these you can play :) FANDOMS black butler, Grell, William, Ronald, Alois, Undertaker, Tompson, Timber, Canterbury, Bardroy, Finny, Sebastian, hellsing, Alucard Yuri On Ice, Yuri Yuuri Victoe Ouron High School Host Club, Tamaki Hikaru Kaoru Honey Mori Kyoya blue exorcist, Rin Yukio Mephisto Amaimon the seven deadly, sins, Arthur Meliodas Gowther Bon King AOT, Levi Erwin Eren Death Note, L Soul Eater, Dr.stein Spirit Death The Kid Crona Soul Blackstar Fairytail, Romeo Natsu Gray Your Lie In April, Kousei or Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Hide

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