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  1. aahi Name: Aahi Bcaeahdai (ah-he see-die) Aliases: The Sword Bender Bender Type: Metal Bending (earth) Special traits: Sword Bending (Basically metal bending the special material that his sword is made out of to increase its strength dramatically) Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown Body Type: Lean, strong Height: 5'11 Weight: 113 lbs Skin Tone: Tan Alignment: Chaotic Bad Occupation: Traveler, Scam artist/Cereal Killer Age: 18 SO: Straight RS: Single Personality: Unpredictable, Intuitive, humorous. Is very much evil almost to the point of insanity. Does almost everything on a whim and never for the greater good. Enjoys deep conversation with strangers right before killing them of course. Backstory: Aahi was born the son of the leader of an elite earthbending clan that specializes in metal bending martial arts. At age 13 his father pass away and Aahi was to become the new leader of the clan, but the greed of the clan overtook them and they decided to torture Aahi and rape his Nonbender mother for being impure. Aahi soon managed to escape taking his clans most prized weapon with him, the SACRED BLADE, and swearing to one day return and make everyone in his clan pay. His feeling of revenge became unhealthy and soon turned into insanity. At age 17 he returned to his clans hideout, but there was no trace of them ever being there. Now Aahi roams the earth kingdom in search of his clan and revenge at the cost of anything and any life, even his own. Likes: Killing, fighting, laughing, danger Dislikes: His clan, happy people, feeling regret, losing

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