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  1. Rico_Suave •Basic Information• Name: Dominic Rico Nickname/Aliases: Reaper Gender: Male Ethnicity: Hispanic Date of Birth: Astrological Sign: Sagittarius Age: 20 •Occupation: Former Corrections officer Weapons of choice: .308 Winchester hunting rifle, Mossberg 500 Mariner, corrections riot shield •Appearance• Height: 6'2 Weight: 199lbs Body Type: Athletic lean Skin Complexion: Olive Hair Color: Black Hair Type: Buzzcut fade Hair Length: short Eye Color: Onyx Eye Shape: regular? Scar(s): six inches digonal on neck, small 2 inch horizontal on both knuckles Tattoo(s): Flaming skull on right shoulder, tribal Aztec deagin on right forearm to form a sleeve Piercing(s): none •Personality• A very influential protector who stands for all his teammates and what he believes in. Not willing to waver when damaged or outmatched. Yet his friendliness aura is able to draw friends towards him. Always willing to look at the bigger picture for the best outcome no matter the cost. •Background• Dominic was born and raised in California, even started as a corrections officer there at 19, but his warden transferred him to Chicago upon request for a better future. When arriving at the new prison only a couple miles outside of city limits, then he was switched to learn and operate as riot officer. •Major Attributes• -Strength: 8/10 -Dexterity: 5/10 -Constitution: 7/10 -Intelligence: 5 /10 •Minor Attributes• (1 being no skil, 5 being Mastery) -Close Combat: 3 -Melee Combat: 3 -Stealth: 1 -Endurance: 5 -Survival Skills: 2 -Swimming: 3 -Running: 3 -Handgun Mastery: 4 -Rifle Mastery: 3 -Sniper Mastery: 3 -Archery:0

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