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  1. shadow_rawr 🏵 Basics 🏵 _ _ {Name} Shade {Nickname} Alex {Reason for nickname} She doesn't know her actual name. She lies saying her real name is Shade. But she really doesn't know her name. To avoid lying she normally just says shade. A lot of herself is shaded of her life {Age} Believed to be 15-17 {Birthday} Unknown {Gender} Female {Species} Human (or so to say)) {Sexuality} Straight {Occupation} Unemployed {Birth place} Unknown {Ethnicity} Unknown {Accent} . Slight Brooklyn accent {Spirit animal} Wolf _ 🍃Appearance🍃 {Height} 5'4 {Weight} 105 {Eye color} Hazel {Skin} White {Hair color} Black {Hair type} Long {Body type} Slim {Usual attire} Black clothing {Flaws} Doesn't know anything about her Has only friend friend and he's a ferret {Extra} _ _ ❤Personality❤ She's quite the fiesty one. Has anger issues. Very secretive. Protective. Sarcastic {Clique/s} The bad crew ✔Likes✔ - Rufus (ferret)) - music - smoking - weed - acid - alcohol 🚫Dislikes🚫 - people - peanuts - Bullies - - _ _ 🌚relationships🌚 {Friends} Rufus {Reltionship status} Single {Position} Sub {Prefers} Guys _ _ 💤Background💤 {Mother} Unknown {Father} Unknown {Siblings} Unknown {other} {Household} Foster care 🎧Extra🎧 {Habits} Biting lip {Phobia: } Being without Rufus {Pet/s}  Rufus (but he hates being called pet)) {Flirty quote/s} 💋"bite me bitch!"💋 💋"Fuck me gently with a chainsaw"💋 "Sorry boo. Not for you" //Bio credits to: @Flaw\\

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