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  1. animeangel2020 Any black butler hellsing Yuri On Ice Ouron High School Host Club blue exorcist the seven deadly sins AOT Death Note Soul Eater Fairytail or Tokyo Ghoul fans willing to rp with me? I'm 16f and will play my oc. Please be ailling to play one or more of the followig, just list who in your message: Grell, William, Ronald, Alois, Undertaker, Tompson, Timber, Canterbury, Bardroy, Finny, Sebastian, Alucard, Viktor, Yuuri Yuri, Haruhi, Tamaki, Hikaru, Kaoru, Honey, Mori, Kyoya, Rin, Yukio, Mephisto, Amaimon, Arthur, Meliodas, Ban, Gother, King, Erwin, Levi, L, Dr.stein, Spirit, Death The kid, Crona, Soul, Blackstar Romeo Natsu Grey Keneki or Hide. I rp both clean and smut, so please message me.

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