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The Angel and Human Bio room

  1. Chocobo 🌊The Basics🌊: • Full Name: Maiko •Age: 2 {young wolf} • Nickname(s): None •Species: Wolf • Date of Birth: May 11 •Star sign: Taurus • Current Location: Wherever in the rp • Gender: Female • Sexuality: Straight • Type: N/A •Race: None • Language(s) Spoken: English and Wolf • Accent: very Outlandish • Status: Single •Blood type: O •Dominant hand: Ambidextrous •Powers: None ✨Appearance✨: • Fur Color: Black and Blue • Eye Color: Blue • Height: 6 feet •Weight: 175 lbs {slightly muscular} • Tattoos: none • Piercings: none 💀About her💀: •she's very quiet and reserved •very kind and caring for her friends, and they are the only people he will trust •she is destined to protect her owner/friend

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