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Demons vs Angeles bio room

  1. Bumbby Name: Emilia Hades Nickname: Emi S/O: bisexual Personality: Emilia could be cold blooded and a mean bitch but when it comes to her people, she cares for them. She cares for living things, but is smart when it comes to war. Due to her being a a descendant of Athena, the goddes of war. Age: 23 Species: death, decedent of Hades. Powers: She able to see and speak to the dead, she could cause death. But that's only when their time comes, she has to have contact to the lips for them to descent from their bodies. She is even able to manipulate fire. Appearance: Picture. Weight: 149 pounds Height: 5'5" Scars/Marks: a huge scar across her back Piercings: both earlobes Hair: black Eyes: green Body: thick and curvey Likes: - dancing - the outdoors - singing - writing - painting Dislikes: - country music - being called names - being disrespected Habits: - lip biting - spacing out Zodiac/BOD: - Sagittarius - December 11 q u o t e s : "Not everyone is pretty in the inside." "Oh, why is there a problem here?" "Look into the eyes of the evil."

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