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  1. Posted by imnotcrying ,

    @mitskuni if you need anything, dm me. i'll help you all that i can.

  2. Posted by aoi_asahina ,

    @mitskuni I know that feeling of not feeling like you can really talk to anyone

  3. Posted by mitskuni ,

    @imnotcrying I don't trust them, they don't make me feel better since they can't relate to my pain.

  4. Posted by phanlife ,

    @mitskuni ouch. sorry! our dm (@imnotcrying and i) are open if you need it

  5. Posted by imnotcrying ,

    @mitskuni do you have any current friends?

  6. Posted by mitskuni ,

    @imnotcrying I really don't know what to do anymore honestly. @imnotcrying

  7. Posted by imnotcrying ,

    @mitskuni because it does get better

  8. Posted by imnotcrying ,

    @mitskuni just know, you will find someone

  9. Posted by imnotcrying ,

    @mitskuni i've lost a bsf before, so i can relate.

  10. Posted by mitskuni ,

    I want to tell others but, we were like a i cry on your shoulder you cry on mine kind of thing

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