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    @argonuz morning

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    Good morning guys!))

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    @ari_gardens Meanwhile, Daisy got into something more appropriate for walking around, a T-shirt and sweat pants, and began to silently eat, waiting for Shiro to come back.

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    "Wow! This looks amazing! Almost to amazing to eat.." She sits down at the table as thanks you for the meal then picks up her fork and digs in "mmm! It's so yummy. Your going to have to teach me to cook some time!" She continues to eat until the Smith shop bell rings and someone walks into the shop "one minute please I will be right with you!" She scoops another few bites into her mouth and changes into her uniform and rushes to the front room the assist the costumer @no_legs_the_bat

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    @ari_gardens Daisy went and got some ingredients and began to start cooking, humming to herself as she did so, after a little bit, she had made mushroom, spinach, and tomato omelettes, and placed it on the table with a big smile"Heh, I may have practiced a lot... " She bashfully admitted.

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    The room is full with smoke and the smell of burnt food "No!! Not again!!" the sighs in frustration as she tries to save the eggs its burnt to the pan "...Welp! I hope your okay with eating some left over bread and butter!" she chuckles nervously turning to look at the little girl behind her "we need to open the Windows to let some of this smoke out" she walks over to a big window and opens it allowing the sun to shine through @no_legs_the_bat

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    @ari_gardens XD it's fine, it's just a little observation, just don't stare too long. //

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    Oh god not i hear the cops are coming ))

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    @ari_gardens She woke up fully this time, and walked downstairs, having changed into a nightgown so she'd be comfortable, and wiped the sleep from her eyes"Shiro, are you trying to cook?" She asked, stretching out her arms, the nightgown a little small as some of her panties peeked out underneath as she raised her arms, but it wasn't enough to be distracting.

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