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    @darkstarnara @theredqueenus @caulfield

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    Bio template Name: Michael Spencer Age: 32 Gender: Male Height: 6' Blood type: A+ S/O (Sexual Orientation: Straight Species: Human Personality: Hot headed, Cocky, Mouthful, unkind(sometimes) Likes: Boxing, healthiness, Acting Dislikes: Wasting time, useless people, musicians. @darkstarnara @theredqueenus @caulfield

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    My Oc.

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    Josh Stone)

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    @theredqueenus ok I feel like you don't know who the red queen is and if you think you do you don't know the full story)

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    Name Jessica Wesker Gender Female Age 14 Sexuality Straight Weapons knife Bio- Jessica is the daughter of The Red Queen and Jessica never got to talk to anybody else besides Umbrella workers. She has never been to school and only learned how to work at Umbrella Corp. She has been injected with the t-virus to make her stronger. She also wants to betray her mother.

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    Oh okay

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    @theredqueenus ^^^^ this is a bio

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    Name Adam Wong Gender male Age 20 Sexuality bisexual Weapons - pistol Crossbow Knife Grappling hook gun Other equipment Communication device (Phone , gps, tracker ,hacking device ) Bio -Adam is Like his sister caring but mysterious. He stays in the sidelines but knows what he's doing. Adam trained along side his sister ada Wong. So they of course both can take care of them selves. Adam worked with a certain man named wesker for a little while but unlike his sister quit his job with him. He did though at times assist his sister. Adam knows about the z virus and is willing to help extinguish it. And maybe collect a sample to sell to a certain someone. Adam is a smart cookie who is ready to fight.

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    I don't understand any of this ;-;

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