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    @dudewhohateslife however you’d like))

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    @heeeeeyden ((How should I start?))

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    @heeeeeyden ((Okay))

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    @dudewhohateslife he looks good to me))

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    Name:Hayden Anderson Age:19 Gender:Male Sexuality:Straight Personality:Nice, a bit tough Traits:Charming Weight:135 Height:6,1 Likes;Flirting, Music, Cars, Helping Others Dislikes:Assholes Weapons:Baseball Bat, .44 Revolver Has an American Accent Usually Wears A Flannel

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    @heeeeeyden Merci))

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    @conartist Oui muy bien

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    @heeeeeyden Is good my friend?))

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    Basic Information— Name: Scarlet Nightingale Nickname/Alias: None Age: 18 Gender: Female Species: Human Sexuality: Straight Nationality: British Appearance— Height: 5'9" Weight: 138lbs Body type: Relatively thin and curvaceous Hair colour: Blonde Eye colour: Blue Personal— Personality: Very friendly and optimistic most of the time. She can be very strict and militaristic sometimes, as that's how her guardian was towards others when he raised her... Likes: Family, friends, gold Dislikes: Troublemakers, broken rules Strengths: She has a very good eye and almost never misses a shot Weaknesses: Cant take much damage Fears: Seeing the ones she loves die Combat— Weapon: A custom-built sniper given to her by her father Fighting style: Will play defensively if she isn't fighting with many others, but she'll try to fight very aggressively if she is Powers/abilities: None "Best shot in the world! Probably!"

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