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Zombie Apocalypse Bio Room

  1. eternal_13 ... || Basic Information || Full name: Alexis Caroline Hart Nickname: Alex, Carol. Age: Twenty Date Of birth: April 9th Sexuality: Pan/Bisexual Status: Single Biological Sex: Female Gender: Female Pronouns: She, her. Role: Scout. Weapons: Metal bat, knife. Family: Mom, Brother. Missing. Religion: Agnostic Atheist. || Appearance || Hair Color/Style: Long wavy, vibrant red hair. Eye Color: Blue. Height: 5'4 Weight: 89 lbs. Build: Thin and slim. Scars: [None] Piercings: Both ears. Tattoos: Raven on left wrist. Clothing Attire: She wears a baggy blue sweater with a black top under it, and ripped jeans with red shoes. || Personality || Used to be more on the quiet and introverted side, keeping mainly to herself. She read often, and enjoyed writing poetry in any of her spare time. She can be caring, but isn't overly sensitive either. After the apocalypse began, she gained a rougher and colder exterior. If she knows she cannot change things, she doesn't attempt to do so, knowing it is pointless. She deals with whatever situations or problems are presented to her, facing reality had never been too hard of thing for her to do. Now, always cautious whenever doing something. Hardly sleeping, wanting to be on constant alert, she isn't as healthy as she once was. || Background || Growing up, she lived with her mother and younger brother until her father died when she was around twelve and her brother nine. She usually took care of her brother since her mother was unable to, considering she had always needed to work. She knows her life wasn't the easiest but she acknowledges that it wasn't the hardest. Since the chaos, she learned how to use different weapons and adapted fairly quickly. When it all began, she had been home alone and saw what seemed decomposed people dragging themselves along the road, or attacking other people. Wrapping her head around what was happening, she quickly grabbed a backpack and stuffed her necessary items in. After leaving her home, she set off to find her family but they had seemed to have fled instead she found a group in their old home which she did end up staying with. || Backpack || Three water bottles, four cans of food, pocket knife, thin blanket, map, first aid kit, change of clothes. || Habits || Tapping fingers, fidgeting with things in her hands, not getting enough sleep, being paranoid. || Likes || Friends, family, piano, weapons, learning, reading, animals, organization, confidence, dominance, photographs, the color red, pastel colors, books, poetry, baggy sweaters, exploring, intelligence, writing. || Dislikes || Ignorance​, disorganization, dishonesty, bossy or arrogant people, discrimination, hotheads or angry people, being touched by people she dislikes, overly sensitive people. || Fears || Having a slow painful death, people leaving her, losing people as she gets older, being bitten or eaten. || Quotes || "Never assume, dear. It makes an ass out of both of us." "Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, darling." "This world isn't built for everyone and that's okay. But drag down the ones who are."

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