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  1. Posted by inspirational_otaku ,

    I really want to read more now lol also good luck my drawling skill is poo I would love a artist to work with me

  2. Posted by thurtin_70 ,

    I am learning how to draw manga to convince a real artist to work with me on my idea. I am more of a writer than anything else.

  3. Posted by thurtin_70 ,

    I am still writing that one! I fleshed out and understand the whole fantasy story. I had to rewrite a lot. But theyer is a sci fi town, fallout, and fairytale in one setting

  4. Posted by inspirational_otaku ,

    interesting now jason seems to have some self doubt.(at least that's how I'm seeing it, sorry if I'm mistaken) Makes me wonder when he actually gets there and meets the team can he meet his own expectations and will the small team work well together with him. Especially if he is having self doubt that might affect how everything works out in the story also awesome I love a story in a story its kind of like hey I'm writing this but also I'm writing about a writer writing something he's not sure yet about it's good I like it. How long till the next chapter? Lol

  5. Posted by inspirational_otaku ,

    Okay 😊

  6. Posted by thurtin_70 ,

    Let me know what you think and yes

  7. Posted by inspirational_otaku ,

    Called reason?

  8. Posted by inspirational_otaku ,


  9. Posted by thurtin_70 ,

    Just look up Thurtin13 it's my only book

  10. Posted by inspirational_otaku ,

    Not info I mean tittle and such lol

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