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  1. Posted by _wonderland_ ,

    Silence chan

  2. Posted by blueghost48 ,


  3. Posted by cyanide_latte ,

    *Slow claps*

  4. Posted by octowink ,

    The one guy who can make a pun during a serious moment. The guy who can make a pun out of the simplest thing.

  5. Posted by octowink ,

    I don't believe we've officially met.. I'm clear, I'm the man who proudly pun this place twenty-four seven.

  6. Posted by octowink ,

    Nah, I'll be the disappointed grandfather. Take off glasses, rub my temple, shake my head, then give a tired, ' you disappointed me, child.' Before going back to read a manga.

  7. Posted by cyanide_latte ,

    If you don’t feel mature at your age I would be very alarmed.

  8. Posted by octowink ,

    I feel so mature talking about life issues.

  9. Posted by cyanide_latte ,

    Despite my aching back and my arthritis, I swear I will rose up from my rocking chair armed with a chainsaw and chop their arms off.

  10. Posted by octowink ,

    No respect. Zero Tolerance. The whole meme and puns rate sky rocketed.

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