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  1. Posted by blueghost48 ,

    It can become active again

  2. Posted by totallygaysebby_62 ,

    plays shrek the musical who i'd be and sings on top of the bar

  3. Posted by totallygaysebby_62 ,

    it was fun when it was active ;-;

  4. Posted by strawberryswag ,

    @slytherintothedms sameee

  5. Posted by totallygaysebby_62 ,

    I miss this chat so much @crowd

  6. Posted by strawberryswag ,

    @slytherintothedms oof same

  7. Posted by totallygaysebby_62 ,

    falls into chat the.n begins to play really cringey music to wake this Mfing chat up

  8. Posted by blueghost48 ,

    I see people have changed, I wonder what reasons were there for them to of changed

  9. Posted by blueghost48 ,

    I haven’t changed my name nor pfp nor background

  10. Posted by cuntasaurusrex_69 ,

    @ghost48 I remember you

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