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    towns a young boy i grow up in a small farming tow you know like u find in a fable i didn't have a bad child hood helping ma and pa around the farm i open my eyes to the hell i now live in my muddy hole in the ground with blood soaked clothes and rats eating away at former friends as i look up at the sky it is filled whith toxic gas and smoke flowing off the place that useto look like home but now is filled whith feelings of melancholy and dispear feelings of giving up and hatered lay whith me and my enemy in the end were both just counting the seconds before going over the wall that so many of my piers have met serten doom on the other side the fellows at home think of valour and bravery out here i think of how many men ive seen snap and lost it i last thing i knew i herd the dreaded wistel pulled my self over the muddy sharp jaged wall and it was all over in a instant

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    That's amazing @senpia!

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    Hello, @senpia! Welcome to the chat... Well what's left of it anyways. Also you can join, everyone's welcome.

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    Hi can i join

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