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  1. Posted by Midnight_moon ,

    @kokiriforestresident Good one.

  2. Posted by kokiriforestresident_78 K,

    Roses are red Pizza is great I'm just here to procrastinate

  3. Posted by Midnight_moon ,

    Roses are red Violets are blue I am stuck and so are you.

  4. Posted by saouri_15 R,

    That's a shame. Oh well. Maybe there's a cure for my never ending writer's block here

  5. Posted by Midnight_moon ,

    @saouri_15 Nope... Sorry.

  6. Posted by Midnight_moon ,

    @platinumbered ^

  7. Posted by Midnight_moon ,

    Sorry I have been offline for such a long time. Also @kokiriforestresident you are correct... Both are okay because they both have to do with wrighting.

  8. Posted by kokiriforestresident_78 K,

    Yes. Fanfics are fine to talk about. I don't see why they wouldn't.

  9. Posted by platinumbered ,

    either is fine lol

  10. Posted by platinumbered ,

    are fanfics okay to talk about here? or is it just original content

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