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  1. Posted by Midnight_moon ,

    The thing I wrote reminds me of Izaya from Durarara!! and Durarara!! X2.

  2. Posted by Midnight_moon ,

    It funny how life plays out... Its so exciting and you could rarely get bored, but I am not a bystander. Sadly I am not able to watch... I am only a puppet... Just a pawn... A piece in a game... (That's a thing that I just wrote but it has nothing to do with me nor anyone else... Just a thing I wrote.)

  3. Posted by randalthor ,

    Night @midnight_moon

  4. Posted by Midnight_moon ,

    Night! @captainazrael

  5. Posted by randalthor ,

    @midnight_moon but stay positive eh?

  6. Posted by Midnight_moon ,

    Yeah. @captainazrael

  7. Posted by randalthor ,

    @midnight_moon same, I have a lot of ideas, including 2 people ones, but I'm either gonna procrastinate them away or be the person to abandon or destroy the project so I'm stuck in this sort of self loathing loop of ideas

  8. Posted by Midnight_moon ,

    @captainazrael I'm fine... I am a little bored.

  9. Posted by randalthor ,

    @midnight_moon no need to be sorry, I'm doing good I think, how are you?

  10. Posted by Midnight_moon ,

    @captainazrael Sorry, I was talking to my friend on another app. How and are you doing?

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