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    @necroripper "That's amazing." She smiled to him. Petting the couch. "Come and sit. You can cuddle me."

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    @maka_chan " Well, both the kids were reliving past memories of my house, they explored pretty much every place in my house possible, both grew horns and a tail. I am just exhausteeeed." Yosuke layed down on the floor next to the couch. " Uuuhhhgh. But, they enjoyed their time there."

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    @necroripper "What's going on babe?" She asked him. Confused by what happened. Arvest and Lilith were just cuddling.

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    @maka_chan " Hello to you two." Yosuke said when he passed by them. He went up the steps and entered the kids room. After changing them into their pajamas, he tucked them into their beds. " Goodnight." He whispered before he went back downstairs. " What a daaaaay."

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    @necroripper Luna was just sleeping in his arms. Snoring off as she slept. Closing her eyes. Lilith was reading a book in Arvest's lap.

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    @maka_chan It was a quick thing. So by the time luna did feel tired, he was already done. Yosuke picked up the kids again and made his way to the portal, passing through it again. By this time, sol was knocked out.

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    @necroripper Luna was praying with her family. Yawning shortly as she rubs her eyes. Getting tired at this moment.

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    @maka_chan " We can return another day, luna. Right now, it is well past your bedtimes. Plus, i gotta stop by somewhere before we go home." Yosuke walked outside and went to the graves of his parents. They were under a tree with no leaves. Yosuke puts the kids down and takes out the scrolls. He placed one on each grave and placed his hands together. " Pray with me, kids." Yosuke said. Sol slowly nodded and placed his hands together.

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    @necroripper "Aaaewww!" She was sad at this. Frowning a little. Rocking back and forth.

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    @maka_chan Yosuke lets the kids explore the house a little longer before it was time to leave. " What a day." He told himself as he followed the kids around. Eventually, he picked them both up. " Lets go home." He said. " Okaaaaay." Sol said and nuzzled his dad.

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