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  1. Posted by mazazl_ ,

    @necroripper "No. I'm good. Thank you though." He shakes his head reaching over to pat Sol's head.

  2. Posted by godofawesome123 ,

    @maka_chan Sol smiled back and kept on eating. Then, he scoopd up some ice cream in his spoon and presented it to the dragon. " Want some?"

  3. Posted by mazazl_ ,

    @necroripper "No problem darling." Arvest to him. Resting his head on the counter watching sol with a sweet smile.

  4. Posted by godofawesome123 ,

    @maka_chan And thus, little sparkles can be seen on sol's eyes when he recieved the ice cream bowl. " Thank you grandpaaa." He then grabbed a spoon and ate slowly.

  5. Posted by mazazl_ ,

    @necroripper Arvest would make him a bowl. Placing him on breakfast bar stool so he could do his thing. Before handing him the bowl.

  6. Posted by godofawesome123 ,

    @maka_chan " Thank you grandpaa." Sol said and hugged the huge tail that was wrapped around him. If only he wad a dragon right now. He would wrap his tail around his grandpa's.

  7. Posted by mazazl_ ,

    @necroripper "I'll make one for Luna." Arvest's tail was carefully wrapped around sol. Lifting him up to the counter. Getting a small bowl for him.

  8. Posted by godofawesome123 ,

    @maka_chan " Bowl! I havent had a bowl before hehe." Sol squeaked when he was picked up by the tail. But, he was so enjoying this. " Luna will come too!"

  9. Posted by mazazl_ ,

    @necroripper "Yes you may." Arvest scoops sol with his tail. "Cone, or bowl?"

  10. Posted by godofawesome123 ,

    @maka_chan " Uhhmmm....vanilla! With sprinkleeees. I like sprinkles." The kid giggled once more and looked up at his tall as fuck grandpa. " Please?"

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