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    @necroripper "You have me do I can help and you can't kill your boy. You can haunt him." Arvest winks to Yuki to save him. Lilith kisses his mech. Wanting him to sing a little.

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    @maka_chan Yosuke had to shake his hard so that he can return to reality. " Uhh...right." Mira nodded and kept on petting arvest. " Well, my boy shall not harm those kids or so help me gods, i will kill him myself." And therw goes the strict, motherly tone he nearly forgot about.

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    @necroripper "That and through in repeated torture. But in all depends on her mood. Honestly it depends on her mood. Gods know what she would do." Arvest crawls into her lap. Purring slightly. "I mean she once outright gutted a man and keep him alive while she demanded for answers for something." Lilith agreed with those words. "I did that one. It was fun."

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    @maka_chan " Well if i know lilith enough, she miiight torture him, kill him, and probably feed his remains to some wild animal or something." Mira said like it was nothing. She then giggled at how arvest was reacting. " So cute~." Meanwhile, yosuke had no words to what she said. He only had his mouth wide open.

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    @necroripper "On which account?" Arvest raised a brow leaning into the scratch. His entire body shaking at the feeling. It felt so good.

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    @maka_chan " If i had to guess, it would be murder on the first degree." Mira said and scratched the dragon on the chin. " Right?" Yosuke sighed a little and flicked lilith's forehead.

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    @necroripper "Lilith is undead, so her body follows the same rules. She can take off arms, or any sort of joints with ease. Simply due to magic." He said. Before moving onto the kids. "Your son is a good father. He treats his own kids like their own people and never one hit them after Lilith told him what happens when you hit a kid."

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    @maka_chan Yosuke growled and picked up her head. Then, he placed it back down on to where it should be. " Yes, other than the fact that lilith took off her own head, how does my son treat his kids?" Mira asked arvest. " Is he a loving father?"

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    @necroripper That is about as useful duck taping a sinking ship when she causally grabs her head and pulls it up. "Nah I know what I'm talking about." Placing her head in her lap. Arvest sits there. "Any questions?"

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    @maka_chan " LILY!" Yosuke placed arvest next to mira and covered her mouth with his hands. " She doesnt know what she is talking about, mom. She ate too much sugar and is in a sugar rush." He said. Mira blinked a few times. She was so confused right now.

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