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    Lexy was shorter then most female, only being a good 5'2 and there being no hope for growing any taller at the age of 19 for a female. She looked at the male and nodded shyly when he asked about a tour playing with the sleeves of the shirt she kept her eyes trained on the ground. "A Tour would be lovely." Her voice was quiet as she spoke.

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    O of))

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    Okay, I have classes soon anyways.//

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    Going to work responses may be slow. Feel free to RP someone else as they come and save the message for when I’m on, or DM. || He didn’t try to appear nice or non-threatening- there wasn’t a point, he wasn’t either. But it was clear he had no intention of hurting her today. “Yosuke is the guild leader. I am an old friend and am just now striving to visit myself. I could offer a tour if you are interested. What’s your name?” He would need to shift as well to give a tour. His paws were muddy and teeth had dried meat in them. The shewolf appeared cute enough. Maybe too young for him, she almost looked underage from being so small. Oh well- dating and sex were the last things on his mind these days. He hated how that’s right where his thoughts jumped whenever he met a new woman. It needed to change, and he was working on it.

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    She looked at the massive male her eyes widening a little as her ears twitched as she heard him speak, after a few seconds she nooded. "Yes, I am.." After saying that she shifted until her human for taking off the bag that she had tied around her ankle and throwing on an oversized shirt along with a pair of leggings. In her wolf form she was confident and not very shy, but in her human form that was a different story.

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    @micawolf23 The beast saw the younger wolf approach and inwardly chuckled- he always forgot how small in comparison the average wolf really was. Doesn’t make them any less frightening to humans of course. Fell was a master shape shifter, and most of his forms were just unnecessarily massive. Taking a large leap from the rock, he made a indent on the floor below under his 3,000 lbs of weight. Though bulky, he still maintained a slender, healthy appearance. He sat down in front of her, looking down at the shewolf. “Hello there. I’m Fell. Are you looking for the guild leader?”

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    @fellion The female wolfs ears shot up at the howl, she pushed herself off the ground for leverage as she picked up speed running towards the sound Once she got closer she stopped, tilted her muzzle up slightly letting out a howl of her own making herself known to the male wolf. Her howl was strong, but gentle at the same time. She wasn't here to cause trouble, but she wasn't one to show weakness at first either. After howling for a good minute she stopped and slowly made her way to the place she heard the male last howl.

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    @shogun_slayer Finishing his howl and standing on the large rock formation, he looks over at Anthony again, clearly the boy was nervous. He actually chuckled slightly at the joke about Fell being old- it was true. He was thousands of years old, but luckily still looked like a silver fox and resembled a 36 year old. “Have you seen Nev?” Growing serious, his voice nearly cracked. He hadn’t heard from her in too long.

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    @i_am_your_weapon was your bio approved? ||

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