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    @necroripper She nods her has. Starting to teach him some basic lines and words. Even writing them down as a sheet for translation.

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    @maka_chan " Gaelic sounds better than garlic language." Yosuke chuckled and kissed her nose. He was odviously messing with her. " Sure thing." Karl nodded and closed his eyes after a while of staying in bed with hee.

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    @necroripper Lilith groans at her choice of words, shaking her head. "Do you wish to learn Gaelic, or Japanese." She asked him again. Not mad at him. "Thank you.@ she mumbled. Reaching out to cuddle him. Nuzzling his chest when done.

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    @maka_chan Yosuke snickered a little when she said that. " You want me to learn tge language of garlic? Interesting." He was trying to not laugh. Karl picked up azazel in bridal style and took her to bed. He was also careful with the egg. Though, he knew that she had a form grip on it. Once he layed her down, karl gently removed the egg from her grasp and puts it in its nest and places the cover over it before he joins azazel.

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    @psycho_wolf Niran yipped and laped up a lot of water. He was really thirsty. Must have been from running around the entire morning. Niran went to nev again and pawed her leg. He wamted to play. Buuuut, under one condition. She would have to be in wolf form. Why? He rarely sees her in thay form.

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    She grinned and brought him over, refilling the water bowl and setting him down "there you go little pup. Don't go getting into too much trouble" she teased and rubbed his head happily

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    @psycho_wolf Niran was at the mercy of nev when she was scratching him behind the ears. The pup yipped and wagged his tail a little fast since it felt so good to him. Kinda like a natural high type of good. Niran used his tail and pointed to the waterbowl he has. He was thirsty. But, decided to say hi first.

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    @necroripper @airius "Oh! Hey, little one!" She smiled brightly and pet him on top of her head, taking him down and nuzzling their noses together "Leilani's napping, I take it. How can I help you?" She scratched behind his ears

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    Suddenly, a wild niran appears on top of nevs head. The puppy yipped and nibbled on her wolf ears playfully. His best friend was sleeping at the moment. So, he wanted to say hi to nev. That, and he was thirsty. @psycho_wolf

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    @airius She smiled and poured a tiny bowl out for the cat, handing it to the small little thing and petting it's head "good kitty" she cooed at it before looking back up at Airius "oh no I don't mind. Trust me there are far more people who occasionally walk around in... far less" she shivered a bit then laughed lightheartedly. She then poured him his bowl with a bright, motherly smile "here you go. It also replenishes strength, energy, y'know. All that. It'll loosen your muscles after training too" she handed it to him

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