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  1. Posted by mazazl_ ,

    "Oh go and suck my dragon cock!" He hissed at him. Huffing afterwards as he say up.

  2. Posted by godofawesome123 ,

    @maka_chan " You know....we really need to work on your encouraging skills.." He shook his head. " I wont let that happen. I promised her and i owe her that much."

  3. Posted by mazazl_ ,

    @necroripper He nods his head. "If not. Her soul would wither away under that tree. Forever slumbering."

  4. Posted by godofawesome123 ,

    @maka_chan " In other words, we need to use different colored fabric to make it...well...you get my point. So, we get the bits of souls, get a blank soul, and then have her soul take it over."

  5. Posted by mazazl_ ,

    @necroripper "Pretty much." He nods to him. "But it will than be blank. So it has be dyed to gain colour. But in the sense of the soul. We would want the original to take over.

  6. Posted by godofawesome123 ,

    @maka_chan " Ohhhh. And the bigger, overall piece is the template that will complete it all." He rubbed his chin and nodded. " I see. Alright then."

  7. Posted by mazazl_ ,

    @necroripper "It's like making clothing. You need the fabric from smaller pieces to make the finished product."

  8. Posted by godofawesome123 ,

    @maka_chan " Wait wait. So, we need a couple pieces of souls. Then, we need another soul? But, is that whole soul gonna be like...the milk being added to the flour? If it makes sense to you."

  9. Posted by mazazl_ ,

    @necroripper "That's it. Soul pieces and tada. Just have to stitch them up. And get a new soul that will adopt."

  10. Posted by godofawesome123 ,

    @maka_chan " I aint talking about that, idiot....just..forget it. I just scarred my brain with the image of you screwing death. Now, what else is needed?"

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