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    May i join?

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    @swanqueen sorry looks good

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    @necroripper ???

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    If you want to see some of the tattoos she has just let me know

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    This is her wolf

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    Name: Alice Age: 20 Gender: female Background: at a young age her parents left her and her sister out of the streets to fend for themselves. It wasn’t long until she realized she had powers and sometimes she had to use them for bad. She got caught up in a gang when she needed money for her sister how had cancer. Sadly she pasted away. She has lived on her own ever since running from the gang she used to be with. She is pretty good as hiding from them and her mom and dad who want to kill her for letting her sister die. Powers: can turn to wild form at any time, enhanced: speed, smell, hearing, strength Personality: she is a fun girl once you get her out of her shell. She can party like there’s no tomorrow and hold her alcohol well. She like to keep up walls as she is a very hurt person and pushed people away when she shouldn’t Physical build: she is an average sized female with D sized boobs and nice thighs. She has long red hair and had some tattoos

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    Name: Jax Henry Age: 19 Species: Human Background: Was raised in the city in a foster home. Jax's parents both died when he was 7 and has been in and out many households. At the foster home, Jax is considered the big brother to anyone younger than him as he is gentle with them but will defend them if anything tries to harm them. He always got into fights with bullies and that got him a bad reputation with families looking to adopt. He fought so much that he now practically impossible to defeat in fist fights. When ever he was moved to a new home, he always brought his punching bag. He punches his anger out it, it is covered with blood from his fists.  Physical Qualities: Jax is about 6'0 and is very muscular. He has brown short shaggy hair and hazel eyes. He has abs and looks incredible without a shirt, minus from all the cuts and scars he has from fighting. Personality Traits: Strong, humble, gentle, caring, warm, brave, protective Gender: Male Powers: Night vision, enhanced strength, speed, agility, stamina, reflexes, and healing

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    (Can I join?)

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