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    Wolf Name: Korai Age: 17 Height: 5,7” Weight: 120lbs Hair Color: Chestnut Eye Color: Brown with golden speckles Gender: Female Sexual Orientation: Straight Likes: Romance, Running, Sleeping Dislikes: Not loyal, dishonest people Personality traits (1-5 minimum): Bold, Frightening, Loving Picture:

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    Name: Natalie Jean Age: 17 Height: 5,4” Weight: 120lbs Hair Color: Chestnut Eye Color: Brown Skin Tone: Tan Gender: Female Sexual Orientation: Straight Likes: Nighttime, cranberry juice, thinking about her mate Dislikes: Mornings, small spaces, rouges Personality traits (1-5 minimum): Stubborn, Brave, Charismatic Picture:

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    Been a year

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    Are anthros allowed, or is it ferals? Either way, I have several characters of each.

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    Background - Aurora was born into a line of magic with Gaësian, Chinese and Latin roots. Her parents were Ambassadors of the Elixirian Line of Pure Magic; reigning generations using all types and kinds of magic. The world she lived in was diverse in magic. Sorcery, wizardry, void. Her world had it all. She lived in color, trained with heart, and lived with loved despite what happened behind closed doors. It wasn’t until the happy world she lived in came tumbling down when explosions destroyed her kingdom. Her parents were buried under the rubble, and everything was in flames, in smoke, and in debris. Aurora couldn’t be a child anymore. She had to grow up and be on her own. She fled her town and wandered through guilds, kingdoms, towns, lands. For years, she was off on her own, traveling through the world, learning and training. Now she too has become an Ambassador of the Arts and is searching for her parents. She believes they’re alive.

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    Weapon - The Callandor Blade originated in the pits of Moravia. It was in confinement for 50 years, continuously sucking beneficial energies, building physical and spiritual strength. It's a Thick sword blade, 1 inch thick, 3 layers max, drenched in a coat of Graphene (86% magnesium and 14% silicon carbide particles.) the first layer is a pounded Tungsten metal, enlarged with a fraction of Inconel. The second is the classical Titanium, made impeccable to magic-draining spells. The third is the hardest metal known to mankind, Chromium, forged with steel, coated with a crystal sheer sheet of Kalkatorrik Stone. The Callandor is a definite hard sword. The chances of breaking it are minimal because of the strong metals. Though no one has attempted. It reflexes quickly when user is acting upon difficult turns. It's heavy, yes, but the weight crashed onto a foreign holder could give some bruises. The Callandor has an icy blue aura constantly surrounding it because of the magic it was embellished with. The magic consists of lightning. It doesn't hold the capabilities to cast lightning spells, it merely contains the strength of lightning, and the electrical run through the blades interior. Personality/Attributes - Aurora is an extremely angelic figure with the kindest heart and soul. She’s a very quiet girl who minds to herself and often appears very submissive and in her own world. But when it comes down to serious business, she transforms into a woman of bravery, determination, and complete confidence, totally dominating the battle field with commands, orders, ideas, and spells. Skills/Talents - Auroras been training in magic ever since she was a firstborn. Her magic is very limited, but it’s extremely advanced. One would say she’s elemental since she can control the elements of nature at a limited level, but her fortes are wind, gravity, field generation, and summoning. - She’s wonderful at first hand combat. She majored in martial arts. Though her magic always gives her an inhumane boost while fighting. Favourites/Likes - She has a knack for adventures, anywhere and anytime. Aurora loves all animals with her every cell, but she’s fond of kittens the most. She loves books, storytelling, discovering new things and especially playing with her magic. She likes nature, and her magic POWERS (Keeping this short and simple) Earth Powers : consists of •ground •trees •forestry •roots MAGIC Aurora differentiates in a variety of types of magic. Because of her parents background, she inherited a vigorous amount of magic, meaning she's open to various elements. She's an elemental magic user, so she ranges in anything. That doesn't mean she has all the magic in the world. She's limited dark magic, and anything under that kind of magic. (For example: siren magic, etc.) Aurora is strongest when it comes to her earth powers. It's the only element she has unlocked. Therefore, she only ever uses her earth powers.

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    **Character Form** Name (& pronunciation) - Aurora Stone (Ah-ror-uh) Date of Birth (& age) - December 30th, 1998 - 20 years old Place of Birth:  - In the mountains of Alagaësia, Land of Amber Gender - female Species/Racial Origin - Mage Social Class/Community Status - An elite Language - English, Gaësian, Chinese Family/Friends/Pets/Etc - an Alebrije (a spiritual guide in the form of a hybrid animal) named Olympus. A royal blue Shire horse with intricately shaped dashes of red spears going along its body. Wings of a hawk the color white with grey linings of pure shine. Physical Description - Aurora is a fairly tall girl standing at 5’6 with bright blue eyes shaming the color of the ocean and canvas sky. She has cascading, long, and velvety black hair straight as a stick that flows with the wind and breeze easily. Most of the time it’s brushed back but as she bends her head in certain directions, tendrils or chunks of hair fall into her face and style themselves neatly. Aurora has piercing facial features, striking and mildly chiseled, but with a gentle look. A long neck, cupping an oval/heart shaped face. A straight nose with a lovely tilt upwards at the end. Naturally contoured cheekbones leading to a pair of plump lips. Round, almost almond shaped eyes with delicate long eyelashes complimenting the softness of her face. She’s a fit, thin woman. A pair of B, close C perky breasts, a frail waist dipping inwards, following out to a pair of curved hips, thin arms, and long legs of pure muscle. Height - 5’6 Weight - 145 Typical Clothing/Equipment - usually seen in flowy, light weight, long dresses of sheer, tulle or silk materials with small trains when she’s at home. When she’s out in battle, she dresses more elegantly and furiously, with gold jewelry and crystal ornaments. Her silk dresses turn into satin body suits with a chromium enveloped corset and golden brackets on her arms. (There can be a provided picture.)

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