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    Thank you @simi_kunxo

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    @feyraann approved

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    Name:FeryaAnn Age:21 Height-5"1 Eyes- sky blue race- Wolf shifter Magic- nature Magic description- she can grow flowers or vines . She can use them as a weapon for trapping or she can turn the vines in to durable arrows. Abilities - in her human form she's a great climber -fast runner Strength's- nature smart Book smart To her self Weakness- OCD for everything Rude and ungrateful people Bio She was abondoned when she was a pup she has learned to live on her own she enjoys it. She tends to get side jobs to keep her collection of books she lives out in the woods in a cave that is super roomy. She only uses natural light. Not alot of people know where she lives

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    @shadowwolf666 there’s a few

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    Any other half werewolf half shadowhunter here ?

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