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    @necroripper fuck buckets

  2. Posted by godofawesome123 ,

    @maka_chan wrong place lol

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    Hello wolf people

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    forgot 1 more I'm also half wolf))

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    Name:Wolfy Gender:Female Personality:swagger,sprite addict,tomboy Likes:ROBLOX,animals,tomboyness,coolness Dislikes:ROBLOX haters,royalty,fanciness,dresses Always wears a wolf hoodie with blue ripped up jeans and red shoes

  9. Posted by godofawesome123 ,

    @anri @gou_san both are good. Accepted

  10. Posted by gam30v3r_942618780 hitori_gam30v3r,

    Name: ??? Goes by the name of Anri Physical description: see picture above Age: 20 Species: Ghost living inside of a human body. Powers: psychic, light elemental manipulation, and defense magic. Light elemental manipulation: being able to control the holy and light aspects of each element for example the lighter side of fire. That doesn't necessarily mean it'll be worse than regular manipulation. In fact it'll leave a much bigger impact. Whereas light fire can engulf fire itself, Defense manipulation: meaning being able to create shields and magical walls. Likes: coffee, loafing around, music, napping, socializing. Dislikes: tea, crowded areas, humans/beings with cruel manipulative minds.

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