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  1. Posted by royalaquarius ,

    @layladogpup hello! Were you looking to join?

  2. Posted by layladogpup ,

    Hey the people

  3. Posted by truly_weird ,

    @necroripper I'll just figure out how to start//

  4. Posted by truly_weird ,

    @necroripper Nvm x3//

  5. Posted by godofawesome123 ,

    @truly_weird you were just there

  6. Posted by truly_weird ,

    @necroripper I know that but where in the other rp x3//

  7. Posted by godofawesome123 ,

    @truly_weird yeah

  8. Posted by truly_weird ,

    @necroripper Where do I start? In the other rp?//

  9. Posted by godofawesome123 ,

    @truly_weird rank is earned but accepted

  10. Posted by truly_weird ,

    Ignore the eyes@necroripper If ranks are earned then ignore this but Rank: Medic or pup care taker//

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