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  1. Posted by pickle ,

    @blaze_neko xD

  2. Posted by pickle ,

    Hi blaze

  3. Posted by blaze_neko ,

    So if you want to criticize me then u may leave@ene

  4. Posted by blaze_neko ,

    @ene I've been broken a lot so leave me alone

  5. Posted by Hatsune_miku ,

    I don't think so

  6. Posted by blaze_neko ,

    @ene yea

  7. Posted by Deathroom ,

    Geeking is a dating website now? Amazing ;0 I-I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE

  8. Posted by Hatsune_miku ,

    First of all are you mature enough for a relationship? Can you handle the downs that come with it? Do you have the mindset to stabilize friendships and relationships

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