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    || @artorias Well then, its very healthy lol 😂👏🏻

  3. Posted by Poloniumツ ,

    || @artorias Well then 😂👏🏻

  4. Posted by Cervidae ,

    me when I masturbate

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    I'm in something big. It's where I'll be for the next several months in my free time. Dedicating all I can to it. Will correspond soon. -- L

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    I think I'm going to by max

  7. Posted by equity ,

    I'm just taking the safe route and assuming it's serious.

  8. Posted by Crocodile ,

    Wait he was serious!! Shit didn't think that through... was trying to make a smile, sorry

  9. Posted by equity ,

    @artorias Maybe go see doctor?

  10. Posted by Crocodile ,

    @artorias no you died in Dark Souls... you aren't blind at all

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