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  1. Posted by accisdead ,

    I posted this opinion somewhere else, and typically I don't interfere with others' thoughts, since they're typically difficult to sway, but I find this SO important to defend. Doctor Who is about acceptance and family and love and overcoming hardships and loyalty and-- well, if I repeated the benevolent themes, we'd be here all day, but nonetheless, this hate is ridiculous, and here's why. I think it's great that they finally took it a different route and attempted something fresh, so I can't help but partially disagree with you. The fear of not being politically correct has enhanced a lot of media these days (ethnic models, true-beauty campaigns, LGBT+ promotion and normalizing) and is on its way to killing harmful stereotypes, but simply making the Doctor a woman this time around... it can be nothing but profitable. I mean, really, who is it harming? All of the younger female fans who finally get the chance to see an independent, likely-eccentric, INTELLIGENT, heroine? The males who believe that such a thing isn't possible? Or maybe the industries, themselves, who are still producing content with white-male supremacy at its core, afraid to step out because of dedicated fans who will rebel if they step out of line and pull what BBC did. Regardless of opinion, the Doctor has even stated himself, or now, herself, that regeneration is free of gender and age rules. So, a female Doctor can be only but expected. I can't understand why half the fandom is splitting because of this one factor, when they promised they'd remain through thick and thin.

  2. Posted by Weaselbee ,

    Absolutely not.

  3. Posted by maia ,

    Well. Didn't know there would be a whole chat for this. 😂 I like it.

  4. Posted by Draig ,

    Funny most female actors are British maybe America should step up

  5. Posted by byakuya_twogami 🐮,

    Her acting may have improved. Besides, Britain only has a handle of good, popular actors, adding some more to the table and aiding them to get better with their acting sounds like a pretty nice idea instead of degrading her.

  6. Posted by Draig ,

    She's dreadful at acting maybe if they got a proper actress people wouldn't be piss or maybe some new blood but not this trash

  7. Posted by byakuya_twogami 🐮,

    But the thing is, the oh-so flexible role of the Doctor could suit really just about anyone. I may not remember everything about Doctor Who, but I know that this new actress has a chance at making the character she plays turn out great. It's a chance though, not a guarantee. She might do great, she might do awful. Only time will tell.

  8. Posted by Draig ,

    It was my opinion I shouldn't be defending my self

  9. Posted by Draig ,

    Maybe if it was a role that would suit a women or maybe a side show based on doctor who but not the doctor

  10. Posted by byakuya_twogami 🐮,

    I'm also defensive when people make claims that a woman can't play the same role that a man can/has.

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