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    Alright cool, thank you @kindredspirit

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    I'll help bring people in

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    Character Rules 1- No unnatural colors in either human or animal form. 2- Keep your human as a human. (No nekos.) 3- Use the character sheet provided. If you'd like to add a picture you can, but that doesn't mean you can skip the character sheet. 4- Please be specific if you're gonna be a certain genus of an animal. (Ex: red fox, grey fox.) 5- Please don't ignore any of these, I don't want to have to be the big bad chat leader that nobody likes just because I asked them to add specifically what I have on the character sheet

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    Character Sheet (Delete everything in parenthesis before sending your sheet in please.) Name: Nickname: (if any, if none just delete nickname from the list or state N/A) Age: Gender: Species: (ex- wolf, fox, tiger, leopard, rabbit, moose, etc.) Rank: Hair: (color and length) Eyes: (just color) Build/Body Type: (athletic, thin, fluffy, pudgy, buff, etc.) Basic Personality: (don't put giant paragraphs please, just need the basics of how they act and what they like/dislike.)

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    Oh my gosh. I go to the top and a glitch deleted the important bits...

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    I'm gonna delete messages that don't have character information on them, I'd like to keep this as little congested as possible

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    Name: Claude Giroux Nickname: N/A Age: 29 Gender: Male Species: Wererabbit Rank: Alpha Hair: Short and brown Eyes: Blue Build/Body Type: Athletic Basic Personality: Quiet, but normally kind to his pack. Though he is icredibly hostile if he sees any predatorial werecreature. He'll attack one on sight if they are walking around in there werecreature form.

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