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  1. Posted by the_mad_lad_ ,

    Must have been an enemy clan

  2. Posted by officer_akari ,

    "Ya, I wonder" she looks outside and she sighs

  3. Posted by the_mad_lad_ ,

    “That was interesting, I wonder who it was”

  4. Posted by officer_akari ,

    "You're welcome" she smiles

  5. Posted by the_mad_lad_ ,

    “Thanks” he drinks the wine

  6. Posted by officer_akari ,

    She giggles "alright, hold on" she gets up and she walks into the kitchen. She takes out whine and a glass then she puts whine in it. She then puts the antidote in it then she brings it to him "here"

  7. Posted by the_mad_lad_ ,

    I could do with more wine” he half laughs half grunts

  8. Posted by officer_akari ,

    She gets on her knees beside the couch

  9. Posted by the_mad_lad_ ,

    “I’ll be fine”

  10. Posted by officer_akari ,

    She looks at him "you ok?"

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