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    Is this dead

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    @phantom_thief ^^

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    Was I accepted?))

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    @korvax noted, you can choose to leave if you wish

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    Syrup I'll be on l8r I'm in school

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    I do not like being added to things without knowledge beforehand

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    @glacier @fukitsuna Done with my bio

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    @pepsigh VIKINGS

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    Name: Sigvar Grey tusk Faction: Vikings Age: 39 Position: Viking Warlord Height: 6 Ft 2 Weight: 246 LBs Complexion: Grizzled, Scarred and masculine 🍻🍻🍻 Personality: Being a warlord and leader to several clans Wilheim is incredibly assertive when displaying his superior skill and strength amongst any who dare test his might, overall his dominance in general. He takes pleasure in battle and seeks the fiery sensation that courses his lungs and spirit when he's in combat. Despite his lust and passion when it comes to combat he is without a doubt a well intentioned and good natured leader. He behaves not only as a warlord, but as a father to all of his viking brethren. Weapons: Black Steel Longsword, Obsidian and iron forged Great axe, Throwing Axe and a bone and stone Shiv. Talents: Immense drinking, Drunken Dancing, Pinpoint Accuracy. Weakness: Lack of better Armor of course, Hos compassion for fellow vikings. His passion for battle. Strengths: Literal physical strength and combat experience.

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    VIKINGS!! @phantom_thief //

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