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    Name: Isaac Role: Charity Age: Unknown Gender: Male Sexuality: Pansexual Ethnicity: Unknown Nationality: None APPEARANCE: Isaac has porcelain white hair and amber eyes that glisten like sparkling topaz. His hair flows like white water down past his shoulders and no matter where he is, it always seems perfect. His skin's like fine marble with the occasional crack spilling out with gold light. He stands at a height of 5'11" and a body similar to Michaelangelo's "David". He also has two angelic wings on his back that he can summon to appear or disappear at will. PERSONALITY: Isaac is a gentle soul, wishing only to make others smile. His friendly disposition and giving nature are both results of this. Though he is quite extroverted and seems to always have a smile on his face, when alone Isaac is a prisoner to his own depressive thoughts and feelings. HABITS: -Giving to the less fortunate -Writing poetry/music -Playing the lyre POWERS: -Transmutation of inanimate objects (ex. turning bread into steak, tin into gold, etc) -Flight via wings -Immortality (immune to aging and diseases) LIKES: -Writing -Most people -Music -Making others happy -Daybreak DISLIKES: -Violence -Malicious individuals -Despots -Senseless chaos STRENGTHS: -Charitable -Charismatic -Intelligent WEAKNESSES: -Overly charitable -Pacifistic

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