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    Name: Azazul Age: 10,351 Sex: fluid Gender: fluid Orientation: Pan Backstory: The new god of knowledge and an interested party who strives to maintain the balance of light and dark. Personality: thoughtful and calm unless worked into a bloodlust via rage. Powers: Nearly infinite, but limiting himself to the following for this fight • Blink - the ability to focus on and move every atom of an object or person (himself included) to a new location and replace the molecules there. • A magical dagger of paralysis.

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    @cosmic0mega DM me the details?

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    @verdant so, one of my characters I'd want to use for this is basically a god, but would definitely place limits on themselves for a fair fight. Are they allowed?))

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    Akane Togami Pozerac: This allows her to eat magic and attacks that her opponents might use against her. In return she can either walk herself with the new eaten magic, supply it back to her magic, or use the said eaten magic as her own. Shogun Body: Her main magic is that of which her as a being, has absorbed the power of each and every shogun in her native land once they died. This has given her outrageous power each time the powers of the dead shogun are transferred over to her body. The magic is channeled like chi, in a mug like base, and dispersed throughout attacks and such to create various affects in her spells and attacks. Weapons?: none Abilities: •Super strength/speed/agility •Keen Reflexes •Iron skin (inflicting damage is near impassible) •Any type of Japanese or Chinese styles fighting arts, she has either mastered or learned to an expert level.

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    @anime_prince That's fine. Sorry. I'm at work. //

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    @verdant hello?))

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    Name: Keith Myers Nicknames/Aliases: Bloody Keith, The Silver Fox, Doctor Shroud Titles: Lord(former) Gender: Male Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Age:57(physical age 27) Birthday: Dec. 23 Race: Esper Blood Type: AB- Hair: Pure Silver Length: medium length, just below the cheekbones. Style: Wild and loose Eyes: Variety of colors, from a bright crimson to a pulsing violet. Shape: slim and piercing Size: Small, with fairly long eyelashes. Skin tone: Pale, with the occasional unnatural glow of magic coursing underneath. Physique: Bulky, with an increased definition across his body. Scars: One going down over his right eye, and an X-shaped scar over where his heart is. Tattoos/Markings: A large, swirling pattern on his back that shifts and moves with the flow of magic under his skin. Piercings: None Height: 7'1" Weight:311lbs Personality: (INTP-The Thinker) Keith lives in the world of theoretical possibilities. He views everything in terms of how it could be improved, or what it could be turned into. And while he lives primarily inside their own minds, he is gifted in having the ability to analyze difficult problems, identify patterns, and come up with logical explanations. He seeks clarity in everything, and is therefore driven to gain as much knowledge as he is capable of. Quotes: "Why are you bothering me? This is wasting both of our time.." Do you think I calculate ricks and gain in terms of good or evil? Whichever holds the most knowledge is the one I'll naturally seek! It's usually just a matter of time before I choose a side for a little while. After that, I'll leave once I've gained the knowledge I crave." Favorite Food: Dried chili peppers Favorite Drink: Chocolate Mik Favorite Animal: Snake Season: Winter Theme: For the Damaged Coda by Blonde Redhead. Weapon(s): Keith wields a scythe for quick dashing attacks, and takes advantage of its fantastic range and high durability to block any attack thrown at him. He also wields a variety of talismans and spells in order to combat his opponents, preferring long-range attacks or to preform quick close-range strike after ensnaring or trapping opponents, taking advantage of his high-speed, and compensating for his lack of physical durability. While Keith can cast a variety of spells to fight with, he prefers to use a select few to fight his opponents in a mind game, his goal to confuse and Shroud the battlefield to shield his presence on the battlefield. (Will this do?))

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    •Basic Information• Name: Eona Rhae Flitchen Nickname(s): N/A Title(s): N/A Gender: Female Sexual Orientation: Experimenting Age: 22 Birthday: May 8th Nationality: American Race: Witch Blood Type: O- ○Appearance○ Hair: -colour: Teal -length: Just past the shoulders -style: Choppy cut, Choppy across bangs -worn: Mostly in a ponytail or pigtails; sometimes wears it in a bun or space buns Eye: -colour: Stormy blue -shape: Slim -size: Average, with long eyelashes Skin tone: Pale and tan in blended patches Physique: Slim, with thick(er) thighs, a slight tummy, and strong calves and arms Scars: A few on the outside of her left forearm, lots of stretch marks on her hips and inner thighs Markings: A large, blotchy red birthmark wrapping around the greater majority of her left thigh Tattoos: A single angel wing on her back Piercings: One on each ear Height: 5’3” Weight: 115lbs ■Personality■ Mental traits and tendencies: Sweet, Gentle, Intelligent, Intellectual, Realist, Stubborn, Easily Frustrated, Territorial, Prone to Anxiety/Panic Attacks, Sarcastic, Will Open Up Gradually, Extremely Emotional Strengths: Empathetic Fears: Aracnaphobia (Aracnoids, Spiders), Acraphobia (Heights), Claustrophobia (Enclosed Spaces/Crowds) Fatal flaw: Eona has a condition called ‘infectious emotions’, meaning her auras are extremely powerful, causing whatever emotions she is feeling to infect someone else. Virtues: Commitment, Love Weaknesses: Self doubt, uncertainty ☆Other☆ Quotes: “Partners? Kill me.” “Frickity frick-frak!” Favourite food: Practically anything edible Favourite drink: Coffee with milk and sugar Favourite animal: Stag Season: Autumn Theme song: Insomnia by Audien Weapon: Chain Spear - A spear with a hollow shaft, a long chain in the center chamber. When the pole separates, the chain comes free and is able to extend three times its original length. The large metal spear head is able to separate as well, allowing a center point to come forth, multiple buttons on the spear able to e eject different poisons Spells: Infectious Emotions, Telikinesis, some other random spells

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    @caffinated @banshee

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