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    @sarah_0513 yeah sorry I got busy for a bit//

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    @thigh She let out a frustrated scream as she kicked the wall with the chains. She'd give up soon on the chains. They werent going to get them back off anytime. Her back hit the wall again as she closed her eyes.

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    @忘れられた兵士 Okay.//

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    @_noona_ She turned her head very slightly as she walked. With the flick of her finger, the chains were back. She hid her powers from those who would speak of them to others. "You were exceptional. But not quite what I had in mind." She sighed, walking through the doors with a sigh. Feeling like slamming them once more. She stood against the wall outside. Crossing her arms. "I haven't seen Nathan in forever." She sighed. "Just when I thought I knew someone like me."

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    @thigh Meh//

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    @thigh "Ive survived other things. Death isnt that bad. Itll be better than living on a stupid vampire controlled world." She chuckled leaning against the wall. "Anyway, thanks for getting the chains off my ankles. I appreciate it." She smiled watching the vampire leave.

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    @忘れられた兵士 How're you?//

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    @_noona_ "Then you're on the brink of dying. Have fun." She stood up and walked away. The young woman had refused to eat and that meant that she was almost gone from this beautiful, vampire controlled world. "Death will be here in a matter of moments." She sighed, waving to the girl behind her. Yawning as she walked.

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    "Im not hungry thanks. I havent been hungry for the past.. 4 months. If I do eat its just a bite nothing else." Her voice was soft when she spoke, as she opened her eyes again and looked at her. @thigh

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    @thigh Meh//

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