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  1. Posted by nezumi ,

    @kinkiness -hugs- missed u!!))

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  3. Posted by Kinkiness ,

    @nezumi -Tackle-//

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  6. Posted by majesticdogs ,

    @worsebones She'd lift a water bottle that was cut in half and handed her some of the bark

  7. Posted by worsebones ,

    "Yeah, I just need something to transfer it to you, like uhm, I dunno a container of sorts, has to be small though"

  8. Posted by chibicookie ,

    @yukosasaki Yeap//

  9. Posted by majesticdogs ,

    @worsebones She'd look up at her "You have water...?"

  10. Posted by worsebones ,

    "Do you need water?"@majesticdogs

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