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  1. Posted by murderdollxoxo_22 ,

    Goodbye my lil admin badge 😭

  2. Posted by murderdollxoxo_22 ,

    Since I found new chat I shall remove myself from here.

  3. Posted by chibicookie ,

    @busterspades When you first go to his profile it show his friends, his chats, and his badges. Click the little chat bubbles and it should show you all the chats/roleplays he has//

  4. Posted by busterspades ,

    @prettylilpsycho doesn’t look like there is a chat room section in his bio //

  5. Posted by chibicookie ,

    @busterspades But you can still look at his profile and the chats that are there dork.//

  6. Posted by busterspades ,

    D: I’m not cool enough to be olis friend

  7. Posted by chibicookie ,

    @busterspades •\\~\\• check olis profile it’ll be in his chats//

  8. Posted by busterspades ,

    Tasty *

  9. Posted by busterspades ,

    You taste psycho

  10. Posted by busterspades ,


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