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    @murderdoll where ana?)

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    * walks round trying to hide

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    ooooooow…worth it @murderdoll

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    {BIO} Name -luna celest Age -17 Likes -flowers and reading Dislikes -nothing Breed-human

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    @josh_lysaght *She hesitantly approached him, her eyes turning crimson as she bared her fangs. He would feel a sharp pinch before her second set of fangs would release a chemical. This chemical would have various pleasant effects on whoever she bit, the main purpose was to null pain. The blood pooled from the bite as she fed.*

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    @murderdoll *he bares his neck again* Have a bite Hun

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    @murderdoll good)

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    Noah kept kicking the bars as he was extremely irritated

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    @pansy I have cookies want one))

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