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ADVANCED LIT VAMPIRES // meet other advanced lit players with an interest in vampire RPs

  1. kkittenn =general= Name: ambar Age: unknown Gender: female Race: human Be =Appearance= Height: 4"9 Body: slim with little muscle Hair: warm brown to her knees Eyes: same colour as her hair but with gold flecks Other: freckles and a few scars from a previous vampire but tries her best to hide them =Other= Personality: >Shy with habits of pulling at her sleeves and stuttering >She is very obidient but shys away during feedings >Has an instinct to help, which gets her into a lot of trouble >She is quiet and frightened of a lot of things History: Ambar was once a rogue, most humans are bred in captivity but her mother had her before they were found outside the city. She saw what the vampires outside the system and their actions in the week they had her scarred her, mentally and physically. Before they handed her over to be sold to a vampire. Likes: warmth, being held, hot showers and tea Mainly scared of: vampires, feedings, collars and classed spaces Weaknesses/disadvantages: >She's very weak >She has many habits that get her into trouble >She has loud nightmares

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