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    @arandii @faye_tsukino Crystal blue eyes watched as the vampire disappeared out the door while saying a few words to her, now she was alone in silence just like before except, this silence was terrifying. Turning her head from side to side causing the tangled pinkish white locks of hair to swish around with the movement, the girl looked around for something or someone to stop the unholy silence around her. “I wanted silence...and now I got it, but this ain’t the silence I truly wanted..”

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    @kankara_flameheart Dylan calmed down slightly, whimpering, he stared at his carer and frowned “Wha...sat”

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    @mr_athena She held him close trying to calm him "Let's make a deal okay?" she tried to sound convincing

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    @arandii @kittieshell Faye had her back to him as she was dressed in the outfit chosen by him she was calm and relaxed as she held a white rose in her hand. She was admiring the moon which gave her appearance somewhat regal demeanor.*

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    @kittieshell "yes there will be a dead body" he said going back out. He stopped by the gardens looking around but couldn't see her "where the fuck is she..." he mumbled looking around as he heard a bush rustle "hm?," he moved closer trying to get a better look "is that you pig?" he said as he didn't know her name@faye_tsukino

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    •The pale female would sit by the coned of her cell as her hood would be lifted over her head so getting her identity was a challenge, she bunched up into her knees as she hugged them tightly and breathed slow and cold breaths, the temperature of the cell was unbelievable cold her body would shake from the cold and fear, she raised her head to look out of the cell• "..."

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    @kankara_flameheart Dylan looked slightly defensive, he watched someone out of the window, and snarled. The remote for his collar fell out of his pocket onto the bed “P....p’ay”

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    @mr_athena She grabbed his wrist and her eyes glow "Calm yourself now" she commanded but in a calm tone instead of a growl

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    I meant action sorry, autocorrect..//

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    Peeps are still up lol))

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