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  1. Posted by Peebles ,


  2. Posted by Peebles ,

    Bring his fucker back. Honestly the nostalgia.

  3. Posted by kimchee ,

    @kentuckyfriedlightswitch Yes💙💙

  4. Posted by kentuckyfriedlightswitch ,

    Hello..? Can an administrator please accept me..? Haha

  5. Posted by kimchee ,

    @amari_raining Been dead.

  6. Posted by amari_raining ,

    Looks like this chat is dieing ))

  7. Posted by amari_raining ,

    Magnus come in and looks around through the cells with the hunger for blood

  8. Posted by mohapayday2 ,

    -still in my cell looking around-

  9. Posted by mohapayday2 ,

    @shadowlife i can tell)

  10. Posted by shadowlife ,

    @bratty_baby_dragon "You don't have to do anything you don't want to do ok" she then walked her to her home and opened the door and guided her inside then closed the door behind her and locking it so other vampires didn't just walk in "so this is your new home....i usually walk around nude but since your here I guess I'll have to walk around with clothes on"

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