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Need people for vampire kingdom rp. Humans needed slave and followers of the resistance.

  1. komi_kitty ♣MUST READ COMPLETELY:♣ Current event: RAISE OF THE RESISTANCE. And. PARTYYYYY Background of the main plot: In the land of lost souls, two vampire kingdoms rule. Always bumping heads with eachother,fighting over the large human villiage that lays in the center of the land. In hopes to make some what peace between the bloodlines,each kingdom was to promise a daughter to one another in hopes to uniting. If that was to fail or if the children was to fall in love with one they are not promise to it would cause war between them once more. Or even better will the humans raise up and take back their land? ♠Rules: 🔸Please note everyone is welcome but this is strictly a vampire/human RP. Furries and monster people i love you all but sadly this place doesnt allow. 🔸If you would like to join there is a password you must have before starting. Just add it to your bio. ❌NO OOC DRAMA SAVE THAT SHIT FOR YOUR MAMA, I hate dealing with ignorance and I am a huge fan of banning. 🔸This is an 18+ rp so maturity is needed. Dirty to dm onces clothes come off. 🔸Keep rp interesting,volience ,drama ,forbidden romance is all wanted, no rape unless other party agrees to it and no one is safe not even the royals. Death can happen but not for the royal family. Red bloods and broken bloods mostly. 🔸This is semi-lit so 3 or more lines, one liners tend to get annoying, a good tip to this is add detail even if it is alittle. Its the rp more enjoyable. Its ok to be a lazy lit cause I am always one. 🚫LET ME MAKE THIS VERY CLEAR. I WILL NOT BE ADDING AND TAKING TO THE AA JUST BECAUSE YOU TELL ME TO. THIS IS A PLACE OF MATURITY. IF YOUR FRIST OPINION IS NOT AVAILABLE THEN PLEASE DO NOT DM, THREATENING ME TO MAKE THINGS GO YOUR WAY. PICK THE NEXT AVILIABLE THING IN FRONT OF YOU.🚫 ➰ADMIN: @ibasictrash, @kazuya_kuze, @firefox06, @aeternum, @error ♦They may approve of your bio if i am not aviliable at the time. ___________________________________________________ ⚪Bloodlines: all lineages can heal and regenarate and reincarnate, have limited abilities such as speed strength immortality to a certain degree control of elements such as fire and water ect. Except for broken and Red Bloods. Broken can be reincarnated and only has natural abilites for vampires. Red bloods have none. ⚫Chaotic- first ever bloodline also the purest royal lineage. Immune to most things such as sunlight, holy objects/weapons and silver. ⚫Holy- believed to be blessed by god only immune to holy objects/weapons and silver ⚫(non-existent at the moment)Venture- immune to most holy objects and sliver but not holy water and weapons. ⚫(non-existent at the moment)Tremere- are immune to sunlight for only an hour or so and immune to holy water but not holy weapons and silver. 🔴Broken- this bloodline is bearly untracable of their original lineage. Where the bloodline has been diluted by human blood. They are noble servents of the house,such as maids and butlers, Harvesters, livestock trainers royal advisors. Ect. 🔴Red blood- what humans are generally called inside the kingdoms. Are usually livestock,blood servants slaves, play toys and sometimes tortured for fun. 💝The promise- each first daughter is to be promised to the first son of the following order. (You do not have to follow through with the promise it make it more interesting) 🔘Villagers- are humans that live in the village, usually black Smith's, merchants, warriors, ect. Some vampire co-exsit with them with out them knowing. (so y

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