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    @witch_aesthetic Marcus chuckled and pivoted on his heel, turning to head to the coffee shop since that was his original plan.

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    @razi_sergon69 Zion crossed his arms and snared at him for the remark and comment at his height. "excuse you, I'm not small you're just big."

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    @witch_aesthetic Marcus shot a glare of daggers to Zion, his eyes shifting to a deep blue instead of their stormy gray. "Don't get cheeky, little ZiZi." He said with a smirk, standing up as well.

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    @argium are you interested?

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    @razi_sergon69 Zion watched him and smiled, he went to touch his neck and placed a dainty hand on his check instead. "Nice skin for such a rude person." He pull his hand back and stared up at the boy with his wide eyes.

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    @witch_aesthetic Work?))

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    @witch_aesthetic Marcus cocked an eyebrow, not buying the act, but the look just tied it off as he reluctantly agreed, crouching down until he was in a squat, baring his neck.

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    @razi_sergon69 Zion watched the boy with amusement glazed eyes. "But you have such a nice neck... just one little touch? I promise I'll be gentle." Zion smiled innocently at him

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    @witch_aesthetic Marcus growled softly but tried not to just strangle Zion, not caring about his elbows being touched. "Elbows are fine. Just no. Fucking. Neck." He snapped, starting to walk to the nearby coffee shop.

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