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    Reaper looked at tori in surprise. Was it his tori? Was she able to pass through the area of which surrounded his shortcuts? "Tori, is that you?" "Very well little flower. Buy you're staying with me as a scapegoat if anything goes wrong." With that he dissappeared by himself this time. @dragoenixheart

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    @shay_cormac Yours truly is Frisk. I'll help you out here)) After the two beings disappeared into the portals, Frisk's face held a mischievous smile as they turned towards Mike. "You thinking what I'm thinking?" @lord_dave01 Because I just love creating angst for these characters...)) A hand suddenly appeared out of the darkness of the shortcut, or to be more specific, a white paw. It gently held Reaper's hand. Some of the darkness faded away to show Toriel, smiling down at Reaper, but not saying a single word. The real Toriel was just popping out of the portal she had traveled through and into X-tale. She turned around just to see the portal disappearing behind her. ((Let's see how Reaper reacts to that =) )) Flowey tilted his head. "Then what are you waiting for? Humans aren't just going to appear in front of you and allow you to take their SOULs. I suggest you get on with that human hunting." ((back to school now. bleh.))

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    @dragon_of_fandoms a lot more, background, and just be more specific))

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    Soul:giving /gold Looks:pic Name:Ryan Anything else?)

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    @dragon_of_fandoms bio then please))

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    @dragon_of_fandoms what character?))

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    @dragon_of_fandoms hi, do you want to join?))

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