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  1. Posted by lord_dave01 ,

    I'm back))

  2. Posted by shay_cormac ,


  3. Posted by blurry_brain ,

    @vantablack_gh0st yeah I understand that you get rest I'm sure we can post pone X event till you're better))

  4. Posted by vantablack_gh0st ,

    I promise ))

  5. Posted by vantablack_gh0st ,

    @junkratシ Because I haven't been very active In in a lot of pain but imma try to make this "X-Event" work.)))

  6. Posted by lord_dave01 ,

    @dragoenixheart it's fine))

  7. Posted by DragoenixHeart ,

    @lord_dave01 ((yeah, just really busy))

  8. Posted by lord_dave01 ,

    @dragoenixheart you there?))

  9. Posted by lord_dave01 ,

    I'm back))

  10. Posted by blurry_brain ,

    Why is no one in this chat anymore :( ))

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