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    (( And we can freeze you until you brought to the see and won't be left behind. *hugs @vantablack_gh0St* ))

  2. Posted by _mangle_ ,

    @vantablack_gh0st want to be tagged to the new roleplay? It’s ok it’s just we needed a host to be present to actually keep it alive so we moved it your roleplay is still alive but it’s in a different chat now! ))

  3. Posted by vantablack_gh0st ,

    I'm terrible!

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    . . .

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    ---MTT-Brand Notice--- Howdy, random Undertale fan! Welcome! Unfortunately, we've moved locations for the roleplay due to unforeseen circumstances. You want to join this chat? Simply look up our new location, -New Undertale AU Roleplay- , and you'll find us in a jiffy! Or, if you're too much of a lazy-bones to do that, simply click on my profile and the chat should be right there! Hope to see you soon, beauties and gentlebeauties! ---End of MTT-Brand Notice---

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    Alrighty. The new chat has been made. Lemme go reply in there now.)) @woodsariaannie

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  9. Posted by WoodsAriaAnnie ,

    (( YAY! I CAN'T WAIT FOR the reply! ))

  10. Posted by DragoenixHeart ,

    Hold on a moment as I go do that))

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