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    Name: Captain Jonathan Whinters Age: 34 John worked his ass off in training, originally making his way into the Civil Bomb Squad. After showing a particularly nice job at a hostage situation involving a large amount of explosives, he was brought into the SWAT team, where he continued in more specialized training. Well toned in shooting, nice and fit, and experience, he's the perfect soldier. His only downfall is his tendency to be a little hot-headed, making selfish and sometimes outright dangerous orders. Likes: A good fight, actually working with his team, (controversially) "Extreme action" taken to some criminals.

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    Yes. )

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    @yikesitzbombarding The males are all part of the SWAT team, right?))

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    @yikesitzbombarding nothing just said @gregg needs to give you a bio and picture

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    @gregg Bio and pic)

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    Whatcho talking about)

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    @gregg yeah you can wait for@yikesitzbombarding but while you wait just leave ya bio and for who you want to be cause in case you loose the spot)

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    @majestic Sorry, never got notification. You sure I shouldn't just wait for @yikesitzbombarding ?))

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    @gregg just leave your bio and pic and @yikesitzbombarding will tell you

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    May I join as the leader?))

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