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    (morning all)

  2. Posted by taemon_39 ,

    (Howdy everybody. I won’t be on much today, but I wish you all well)

  3. Posted by hellhund ,

    I try to talk to you two@jinxy @b_l_a_n_k

  4. Posted by Jinxy ,

    Ignoring the zombies that they past by, for the most part, she would only bother to growl at them if they got too close to her. She was not a fan of being touched by anyone. It made her instincts go nuts, whispering for her to slaughter the one responsible.

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    @jinxy I sighed as we keeped walking and I growled at every zombie that came near me as they backed away from me as I had my hands in my pocket as I looked up seeing the dark sky along with the bright stars he smiled remembering the brain he ate of the memories of that human and felt a bit alive and then ignored it as he keeped walking

  6. Posted by hellhund ,

    @jinxy eusler felt the same and now was more talkative

  7. Posted by Jinxy ,

    @b_l_a_n_k Still following along, she watched as the sun was setting which gave her some relief. Somehow, walking around during the day felt abnormal to her after she was brought back by the scientists. So, when it hit night time, she always felt like she had more energy to spare.

  8. Posted by taemon_39 ,

    @saddgirl96 Ryan smiled a little bigger and said, “Then I guess i’ll just lay here. We have no agendas in this life. We only have each other....” Ryan’s words drifted off.

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    Nodding natalia rubbed his leg. "I havent been this confy in ages."

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    @saddgirl96 Ryan had one hand of his run through your hair and he said, “We dont need to right now. We have plenty of time to ourselves...” Ryan took a deep breath and smiled a little.

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