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  1. Posted by poltergeist ™,

    @rinzler is it the friend with the furry pics on his wall

  2. Posted by Drake ,

    @autism I'm at my friends rn lol

  3. Posted by poltergeist ™,

    Whose fucking room are you in

  4. Posted by Drake ,

    @autism imma die tho

  5. Posted by Drake ,

    Anyways won't be back till laterrrr

  6. Posted by poltergeist ™,

    Okay don't die tho

  7. Posted by Drake ,

    Bleach blonde

  8. Posted by Drake ,


  9. Posted by Drake ,

    @tahir yuppppooooop

  10. Posted by poltergeist ™,

    @rinzler alright I support this, what color are you going for

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